Butter Naan with Vizagfood

Butter Naan is typical and a very popular leavened oven-baked flatbread. Naan is a generic ward used for various flatbreads from different parts of the world. In Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi any flatbread is known as Naan. Butter Naan is a specialty wherein the flatbread is baked in a cylindrical clay oven. http://www.vizagfood.com.

Flatbreads are usually savored in nature and when combined with just a hint of sweet blended with aromatic Indian spices forms a yummy stuffing that is rolled into the bread giving it is the unique twist in taste and flavor. Garlic Naan or Paneer Naan, as well as butter Naan, is few exceptional butter naan that is special to taste and exotic.

There are varieties of Naan available in tandoori, Paneer, as well as Garlic Naan etc. Now buying a selection of Butter Naan is as simple as Vizagfood.com.

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