Today, we launched Vizanda.

Vizanda is a data visualization platform that produces interactive graphs and insights with unparalleled speed and sophistication: you can build a fully interactive visualization in literally 60 seconds! Today’s data users are missing out on insights because they are stuck with tools that are too unwieldy, slow, or complicated. From business analysts to researchers, journalists to students, consumers have a growing need to create and share data graphics.

The problem we are trying to solve.

Our intuitive design and web platform make Vizanda accessible to anyone, and multiple tiers of pricing (including a free plan) mean you can choose a plan that matches the scale of your business or project. We are especially excited to share five key features that make Vizanda stand out.

1. Automatic insights: Vizanda will jump-start your analysis for you. In the time it takes most applications to finish loading your data, Vizanda will identify outliers, pick out trends, and share the most interesting comparisons in your dataset.

Use Vizanda’s automatic insights, or add your own.

2. Cutting-edge interactivity: When you move your mouse or finger, Vizanda responds with details that make exploring fun and effortless. Vizanda uses the latest web technology to pack in features that are intuitive and aren’t overwhelming.

3. Hierarchies: Vizanda figures out which categories and subcategories go together, and chooses default displays that make for meaningful filters and drilldowns. You’re free to pick your own settings, of course, but if you leave it up to Vizanda, your graph will always be logically structured and clean.

In this data set, Continent breaks into Country when you mouse over a column.

4. Flexible import: It’s easy to get data into Vizanda: copy and paste a table, upload a file, or use our Chrome extension to drop in interesting data you might find on the web.

5. Easy export: You can export and download your graph as an image file or to Excel to include in presentations and reports, or save it to your Vizanda account and return any time to a unique URL.

And the best part is: we’re just getting started. Head over to to see for yourself!

The Vizanda Team