Replay Attacks Explained
Jimmy Song

I think Hard Fork will not matter for a person who does not think SegWit2x has a value. 
Most likely post fork legacy will loose some value but forked bitcoin will yet have to prove itself. So I expect forked coin to have much less value. At this point if I transact legacy bitcoin I might loose less valued currency which may be ok for me. On the other hand if I transact on forked currency I might loose legacy bitcoin which will be much higher in value. Why would anyone want to do that…there will be investors who may do that…but i’ll stay away from segwit2x…

I think not implementing replay protection is a bad decision by segwit2x. The coin had a good chance of success…they are going to fail because of their over ambition.

I just pay 0.0005 btc for a transaction which is like 3 dollar. Far less than any currency conversion rate. It takes at-most 2 hours to get 6 confirmations which is ok for saving (Not good for transaction or trading). There are 1000 other cryptocurrencies for trading…bitcoin is not one of them…Its a saving instrument which will always gain more value overtime because of its deflationary behaviour like gold…and that is its value…

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