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Day 4: San Diego Boxing Class

Aug 3, 2018 · 4 min read

Background: BoxFit cultivates a passion for fitness by creating challenging, original, and safe classes for all fitness levels. ​Even if you’ve never laced up a pair of boxing gloves or thrown a single punch in your life, BoxFit will help you uncover your body’s power and potential. Focusing on functional movements and incorporating total body exercises, a BoxFit class will leave you sweaty, happy, and stress-free. Every class is different. Every class has a new soundtrack. Every class is empowering.

Ringside at BoxFit SD

Day 4 in the books. And let me tell you what a transition this was from our restorative yoga experience at Happy U: calming spa-like sounds to pumping Pop2k (currently my favorite station on XM), slow and deep stretches exchanged for quick jabs and even faster dodges, and mats and blankets to hand wraps and punching bags.

Doing something for the first time, no matter what it is, can be extremely intimidating and nerve-racking; I was no different when I first stepped into BoxFit’s 9am class. However, the instructors’ inviting and encouraging demeanor quickly dispelled my nervousness. Chris Rolen, an Instructor, and Owner Mike Reeder wrapped Sam and I’s hands before class.

*DING-DING* The bell rang and we were off to warm up.

Each exercise circuit is split into 3 minute “rounds” over the course of 60 minutes with 45 second rests in between. We began with the strength and conditioning circuit (bus drivers, single leg squats, etc.) and quickly moved to our second — my favorite — circuit: boxing in the ring. Now as badly as Sam and I want to fight each other (only sometimes, but mainly Sam), it’s not that type of class. We practiced the fundamentals of our jab, straight punch, and some simple combinations. Simple is a word I use quite loosely. It’s simple to remember the three moves, yet it’s physically exhausting to execute them correctly!

Boxing Gloves for Your Use

That’s what’s great about BoxFit; they focus on making you feel comfortable and building out your fundamental foundation. It’s a fun environment and a fantastic workout. From speed bags and weights to yoga mats for a cool down afterwards, this place has it all. But believe me you sweat. A lot.

Physically this workout was definitely one of the most challenging I’ve done, but it seems as if it would never get old.

Whether you’ve had a long day, have loads of stress in your life, or just feel like hitting something, BoxFit San Diego is a perfect place to let loose.

Side note: Mike Tyson has my all-time favorite quote, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Good stuff, Mike.

Meet the Owner & Instructor

Mike Reeder: @boxfitsd

Chris Rolen:@chris.rolen

What was the inspiration behind BoxFit?

Mike: We started doing a boxing boot camp to combine boxing and fitness. We wanted to make the boxing experience accessible to as many people as possible, because often times boxing can be intimidating. So, we decided to offer an environment for beginners all the way to professional fighters.

What’s your favorite part about working at BoxFit?

Chris: Definitely the wide array of people that come in. We have lots of people who come in with 0 experience which is really cool. It’s exciting for me to get each person that walks through our door excited about fitness by putting a different spin on exercise than what most people are used to. BoxFit is just a much more unique and welcoming experience.

Who is your boxing inspiration?

Mike: Muhammad Ali; he’s called the greatest for a reason. But also because of his tie to Parkinsons, because we offer boxing classes for those with Parkinsons.

Chris: As of recently I’ve really enjoyed Vasyl Lomachenko — he’s my favorite fighter. Vasyl I try to emulate the most when I train.

What advice do you have for someone that’s never tried boxing before?

Mike: The biggest thing is just getting into the gym. That’s the hardest thing — walking through that door. It can be intimidating and that’s one thing we know, so when you come in everyone’s smiling and welcoming you from the start. Once you get those gloves on you feel big and strong and when you start punching stuff you feel really good, and if you’ve had a hard day you can start punching more stuff to relieve all the stress!

Chris: Definitely showing up is the biggest part. ’Cause you know it’s going to be tough but once it’s over with it’s all good. Outside of that, I’d say paying attention to technique, and building a nice foundation for your boxing really carries over.

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun! Up next is Pure Indoor Cycling in Downtown San Diego!


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