Cirque-It Fitness

Day 25: Cirque-It Training

Background: Cirque-It Fitness (CIF) is circus-infused circuit training. Accessible to a variety of fitness levels, CIF combines exercises using circus apparatuses and creative ground-based exercises for a workout that challenges your brain and your body. Enjoy personalized attention in a small-ground setting with music specifically curated to the circuit. Get fit, have fun and be DONE with your workout in 45 minutes with Cirque-It Fitness!

Grand Entrance

25% of the way done, baby! Man, what a journey so far. 25 different studios, 25 completely different workouts, experiences, and communities we’ve been introduced to. No better way to celebrate than by heading over to Cirque-It Fitness for what I can truly say is the most unique workout I’ve ever done.

If you haven’t read the first 100 Days Blog we wrote, it essentially details the story of Sam’s struggle to figure out what type of workout/workout routine would fit best for her schedule/goals. We spoke with a woman who hated working out, but found that she loved to dance — she now attends her dance studio 4–5 times a week. That sparked us to explore the SD community and find the well-known studios, but also the brand new workout trends, in a search to find what is best for each of us. Fast forward to our 25th studio, Cirque-It Fitness.

Cirque-It Fitness is the brainchild of owner/operator Elizabeth Skwiot. The space offers yoga, Zumba, CIF Core & Booty class, certification training, and of course, the famed Circus-inspired workout.

Sam and I really had no idea what we were in for. The warm-up is essentially nonstop moving for a few minutes, and once finished you break off into stations. You have 3 rounds of 8 stations at 45 seconds each. It may not sound like a lot, but believe me it is. Sam is still sore. Elizabeth’s workout hints at her acrobatic background. The trapeze, fabric hanging from the ceiling, and interesting “monkey-like” exercises will be like nothing you’ve ever tried before. And you’ll love it.

The Fabric + Trapeze

So what exactly do you do? Well you start by running or jumping in place to get loose. Since there were only 4 of us, we were able to break into 2 teams, A & B. A’s would do one half of the circuit while the B’s would complete the other. After 45 seconds the music beeps and you move to the next station. From one-armed hangs from the trapeze, pulling yourself off the floor by the hanging cloth, or the many types of jumping/crawling movements, you are sure to get a full body workout.

The Dizzy Crab has to be my favorite move from the class. You essentially get on your hands and feet with your back to the floor. Once in position you proceed to spin in a circle while touching your right hand to your left foot and then alternating.

Dizzy Crab (not to be confused with Mr. Krabs meme)

All in all we had a total blast. The whole class did. Although it is a relatively small space compared to other studios, the close quarters forces you to get to know your classmates. We even grabbed coffee together the following week! Cirque-It Fitness is the most unique workout in San Diego, and you’ll be sure to come back once you try one of Elizabeth’s classes.

Believe me, I know you have tons of questions (and so did we), so check out our interview below for a more in depth look to Circus-inspired fitness!

Meet the Instructor & Owner

Elizabeth Skwiot: @cirqueitfitness

What is Cirque-It Fitness and how did you start it?

ES: Cirque-It Fitness (CIF) is circus infused circuit training. You get a full body functional fitness workout that people have been describing as “so hard, so fast, and so fun!” But I was a semi-professional circus performer in between getting my masters and PHD. I was an adjunct professor, I taught pilates, and I was a personal trainer to make some extra money. I just brought in what I new from the circus to what I provided to my clients and developed hybrid fitness modalities.

This is definitely an interesting workout, so what would you say to someone who is hesitant to trying something so different?

ES: Trust me, just come in and try it!We can challenge a variety of fitness levels here. We have a really fun, non-judgmental environment. We welcome everyone that wants to get a great workout and engage with some really cool people in the community. We want you to come as you are, or as they say in the circus: “Come one, Come all!”

When I was working out, did it seem like it wasn’t hard for me (Sam)?

ES: What I always tell my coaches is that you can’t tell how hard someone is working by just looking at them. I try to give everyone harder and easier options because I want to give you the information so you can make the right choice to get the best workout for you.

So I didn’t look in shape (Sam)?

Dylan: No. Next question.

Besides taking your typical studio class, what else does Cirque-It Fitness offer?

ES: Great question! CIF is also a training program. I co-wrote the curriculum with Linda Shelton (former advisor to Jillian Michaels, co-creator of a program for Reebok/Cirque du Soleil) and instructors can come here to receive continuing education credits, and they can even offer Cirque-It Fitness at their gym or studio!

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