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Day 23: Yoga Sculpt (Live DJ!)

Background: We’ve held onto the magic of yoga, while upping the intensity factor for a more powerful, purposeful workout. Take your yoga practice up a notch with a renewed sense of focus and strength. CorePower Yoga studios feature modern, consciously-designed spaces filled with thoughtful amenities. Inspired by busy urban life, every yoga studio has the conveniences and comforts you need to come to your yoga mat and discover your power and purpose.

Always Sunny: The Gang Combines Clubbing + Yoga

Everyone I know in San Diego knows about CorePower (and Katie B). But throughout this 100 Days journey I’ve further confirmed my aversion towards yoga. Nothing personal, just not for me (*Restorative*). So, if I’m getting bullied into doing yoga, I’m going to sculpt 10/10 times.

Quick break down on what Yoga Sculpt actually is:

Yoga Sculpt is a class that incorporates hand weights and high-intensity cardio bursts for a maximum calorie burning effect. You’ll recognize all of the postures from our C1 and C2 classes. The hand weights add a new challenge to traditional yoga classes. Yoga Sculpt also incorporates cardio exercises to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. And of course, there’s always a challenging core workout mixed in!

So you’re telling me, there are weights, cardio, abs, AND house music? Sign me up, Katie B.

We heard stories of the legendary Katie B Happy, but we had no idea what to expect when we arrived for our evening class at CorePower Point Loma with said KB. First: I really need to invest in a yoga mat. I feel like a total scrub everywhere we go and 98% of the attendees have their own yoga mats (and Sam lets me hear it nonstop).

You’re seriously embarrassing me.

Anyways: we check-in, I grab my mat, and we head over to the room. I figure since we’re a little early I’ll have a solid spot with some space — nope. Katie B’s classes are packed. Like 70 people packed. Inches between each member, and they don’t even turn up the heat for the class. The number of people generate enough energy during Katie’s sculpt class turning it from Hot Yoga to Bikram in a matter of minutes (in terms of heat, I know they’re different). To be honest, I didn’t understand why everyone was in minimal clothing prior to class. I even made a comment to Sam:

Kind of an insane move to wear literally nothing, but I guess you’ve got to respect it.

Just your Typical Katie B Class

The “warm-up” begins and we’re off. Flowing between poses like seasoned athletes, and the temperature is steadily increasing. Everyone, and I mean everyone is covered in sweat. The music is pumping, people are cheering, and we’re all dancing; I felt like this was the Sahara Tent at last year’s Coachella. So yeah, 20 minutes I was drenched and began peeling off clothes. Sue me.

Katie walked throughout the crowd providing individual coaching tips and help to those in need (me), seemingly knew everyone by name, and led the class with unparalleled composure/style. I am not a huge yoga guy, but I could see myself going to CorePower 3–4 times a week. It’s that good. Whether you’re into lifting, distance running, dancing, etc. you’ve got to check it out.

I’ve got to be honest: I smiled the entire class. It was genuinely the most fun I’ve had at any studio, and I fully planned on returning the next day. Little did I know how exhausted I would be for the next 24 hours. But I’ll be back. Katie B sure lived up to the hype. Just request the move where you sway your arms back and forth above your head while jumping side to side. My personal favorite.

We caught up with Katie after class to get the scoop on her background and CorePower, so check it out below!

Meet the Instructor

Katie Burke: @katiebhappyy

How did you get into fitness?

KB: I was always an athlete in high school, I was a runner, and I loved to lift weights. But how did I get into yoga specifically? I was going through a nasty breakup and someone told me if you do half pigeon it makes you feel better, and it worked! People don’t realize how much we hold onto in our bodies, so after breathing and stretching and really letting go I was able to find a different style to remain in shape. This mixes in more preventative care too.

What activities did you do in High School?

KB: Cross Country.

Dylan: So what was your mile time?

KB: I don’t remember.

Dylan: That’s what they all say.

KB: So I’ll give you the rundown of my high school experience: I tried cheerleading freshman year — hated it, I tried cross country my sophomore year, hated it — and then I tried field hockey my junior year. I’m from central Jersey, big farm town. We even had pigs, chickens, and cows! Every morning I collected the eggs from the chickens, I’d milk the cows, and we ate the pigs. We treated our animals very humanely, and now I’m extremely conscious of where the food I put in my body comes from.

When did you start teaching at CorePower and can you explain what separates CP from other Yoga studios?

KB: I started taking CP classes in 2008 and began teaching in 2011. So this class you just took, Yoga Sculpt, is a gateway drug (EDITOR’S NOTE: FACTS!) Imagine the weight lifters, boxers, athletes, and you take them off the street and put them in Shavasana. All of a sudden there are these emotional releases you get that you wouldn’t have achieved from an OrangeTheory or Barry’s [Bootcamp]. Bless those places though I work out there myself, there’s just something special that happens when you take ten minutes after a good work out and lay and breathe. As for CorePower, it is very fitness based yoga. You can learn more about yourself and what you like about yoga.

What is it about the San Diego community that you like?

KB: I miss the authenticity of the Jersey people and those on the east coast, because if I am anything I am brutally honest. But in that crass/honest/sarcastic environment it can be really negative. However in San Diego, although people will say yes but not mean yes (EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’ve ever planned or been a part of planning an event you know this to be true), the people that are here make a concerted effort to lift up themselves and those around them. They are actively looking for happiness.

Tell us some interesting facts:

KB: Well my favorite pose is the handstand. I’ve been working at it for years now, and I actually trained at the circus center because I was terrified of holding a handstand in the middle of a room. Oh! And I speak Mandarin!

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun!


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