Studio Barre (Bird Rock)

Day 8: Introduction to Barre

Aug 27, 2018 · 4 min read

Background: Studio Barre is a premier fitness boutique offering an exceptionally effective and personalized barre workout for all fitness levels. The results-focused barre exercises incorporate the ballet barre, your own body weight, resistance bands, exercise balls, and light hand weights to tone, shape and sculpt your body. The 60-minute workout digs deep physically while the music and happy barre{tenders} (instructors) keep you mentally in the moment and push you toward your best.

The clothes fit tightly, and the music’s blasting. I can feel the anxiousness in my stomach as I’m now surrounded by tons of good looking people bobbing up and down, moving their individual extremities with the precision and expertise of Chris Brown in Stomp the Yard (sick movie). Sweat is beginning to trickle down my face as I join in on the movements with Justin Timberlake playing overhead.

This isn’t Bang Bang, this is Barre.

Street Entrance

I’ve been proven wrong and wrong again during our 100 Days of Fitness journey, and Barre was no different. I laughed in Sam’s face — as I usually do — when she mentioned Barre (and previously Pilates) was on tap this week. I thought to myself: “Wow another dance class. This Barre thing is for chicks.”

But being the open-minded, extremely talented, athletic, handsome, etc. man that I am, I agreed to go.

I got my ass kicked.

Barre is insane. We arrived 20 minutes prior to the start of class, and this was when we met our barre{tender}, Brigitte (pronounce: BRIH-G-EET, I butchered that), who gave me a heads up about previous men who have tried and failed her class.

“Cowards.” -Me

Little did I know what we were in for. Brigitte encouraged me to use the 10 lb weights if I was feeling frisky. Not so fast. I learned my lesson from Orange Theory.

“8 lbs will do fine,” I replied.

“Oh, you mean the one’s I use?” Brigitte shot back.

Fair enough. Brigitte: 1 Dylan: 0.

A Broken Man

So, yeah. That’s me re-evaluating my life after a crazy hour filled with holds, tucks, squats, curls, leg raises, you name it. Barre is a great full body workout and has great music. Brigitte was great at instructing Sam and I how to move and letting us (me) take a minute to catch our breath whenever necessary.

We started on the floor, worked our abs, worked on some squats, held some wild positions, and stretched every inch in between. I waddled my way around our house for the next 24 hours.

The workout is unlike anything I’ve done before, and I encourage you to check out a Barre class on YouTube prior to attending one in preparation. I’ll say it, not only do you get the full body benefits of the exercises, but you get a great butt/leg workout. Barre is definitely cheaper — and more fun — than plastic surgery, that’s for sure.

Tell me about it

Meet the Owner & Instructor

Jennifer Cosco (Owner): @jencosco

Brigitte Fuller (Instructor): @furfullers

How did you come to owning a Barre studio?

JC: I took Barre at the Studio Barre (there was only one) and loved it so much. When I heard they wanted to franchise I looked at my sister and said: “We love this. If we can do this and we’re not dancers, we can make anyone want to do this. We should open our own.” And that’s what we did.

What is the relationship between Barre and dance?

BF: There was a German ballerina in the 1960’s, Lotte Berk, who fled the Nazi’s after they forbade her from performing. After hurting her back, she searched for a workout that would get her back into shape by the time her back injury healed; nothing she did was enough for her. She didn’t want to heal, then get strong, then dance. She worked with her physical therapist to develop what was known as the Lotte Berk Method. Since this early form of what is now Barre, there are a million different variations of it now out there.

What advice do you have for boys who are reluctant to take a Barre class?

JC: We have had some moments where we have quite a few men taking the class, but it’s just a different workout that definitely has some feminine aspects to it. You know like knee ups, or prancing.

BF: I think men traditionally want to lift heavy weights and grunt, but Barre is super valid too. And you’re surrounded by a bunch of girls, and who doesn’t wanna be around beautiful women. The ratio is way better (haha).

Favorite song to play in a class?

BF: There’s a remix of Midnight City by Eric Prydz that I always go back to.

JC: Anything Brittany [Spears].

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun! Up next is the FitBit local event in Carlsbad!


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