Edge Cycle

Oct 25, 2018 · 7 min read

Day 17: Opening Day

Background: Edge Cycle is a 45 minute full body workout. It incorporates heavy beats, unapologetic behavior, and a rebellious mentality. There is no more playing it safe. Are you ready to push inner boundaries and achieve personal goals of change? Are you looking for a place of acceptance where you can breakdown to breakthrough? A place to build trust, a place to take a risk, a place to not do it alone? Check out Edge Cycle here.

Welcome to Edge Cycle

I have to give credit where credit is due.

Dylan scoring us an invite to Edge Cycle’s opening day definitely meets that criteria. Not only were we invited for a ride, but we were able to bring friends with us! It was 12:15 PM on a Friday and we had a crew of four ready to roll.

Thanks for joining us Chiara and Kelsey!

Our first thoughts walking into Edge Cycle were: this is the perfect location. Carved into a corner in East Village, this studio could not have picked a better neighborhood. Its black & white punk vibe, mixed with upscale boutique amenities, is like a perfect analogy for East Village itself.

Kelsey with her shoes

Before founding Edge Cycle, studio founder Jenea was a professional hip hop dancer. She was also an indoor cycling instructor in the Bay Area. She rose to spin-fame when a group of guys discovered her class and began attending. A group of guys that turned out to be none other than the Golden State Warriors. But she always knew she wanted to return to Southern California, and from that Edge Cycle was born. She wanted to build a place where your workout blends with your community. A place people could call home.

Edge Cycle is a brand new spin studio that wants to be different. Of course you can expect great music and choreography, but Edge wants to go a step further. To find an edge so to speak. The studio is bright and bold with instagram-worthy spots throughout. The mural inside — one I’m sure will become a San Diego staple — reads F*@K BASIC. Also, off to the right of the entrance is a juice bar/snack area which will soon feature lounge seating.

The Mural

We signed our waivers, got our shoes, and headed over to the lockers to get ready for class. One of my favorite parts of spin class is the “locker room” experience. No longer is your workout just a grueling sweaty process, but spin has introduced the spa element. I remember my first spin class several years ago; I was so excited about the hair ties and face wash.

Well if that was my first day of school, Edge was graduation. When I walked into the bathroom and immediately caught the scent of Jo Malone candles I knew I could get used to this. Couple that with the Keihl’s face wash and lotion and I was ready to go. I was so busy messing around with the products that I was almost late to the class — oops!

But unlike most of the new workouts we do, I figured spin I could roll in at the last minute, clip in and get ready to go.


I guess it has been a while since I used clip-in shoes. I was fortunate that the gentleman helping everyone set up was willing to help me. After my 12 embarrassing attempts, he finally got my feet attached to the pedals.

I guess it was like the first day of school after all.

First Day of Edge Picture After Class!

After getting my focus back I realized — oh f*@k — we are in the first row. I am a strong row three rider. I tend to lead with my left foot when we should be on our right. I sometimes go twice as fast as we’re supposed to, and other times half the speed. Nestled back in my third row is a very comfortable and safe spot for me.

Well, we did say we were bringing the edge right? And that means leaving our comfort zones. All four of us were shoulder to shoulder in the front row facing the giant mirror. Our instructor, Nat, called out the instructions.

Although we all put our own spin on the pace, choreography, resistance, etc. — we were a tribe. In fact, the whole class was. When Nat would ask how we were doing, everyone would be laughing, high fiving, and hollering.

Beyond that, Nat put together a killer playlist. I mean old school r&b + Beyoncé + Chris Brown killer. And best of all — I realized the front row isn’t that scary. It’s a lot like entrepreneurship. There is a ton of build up to putting yourself out there. But once you do it, you realize it’s not a big deal at all. It gets easier each time. And more fun.

All in all, we had an absolute blast at Edge Cycle. This studio will make a name for itself in San Diego and beyond, and we’re stoked to watch its evolution.

Meet the Team:

Studio Owner: Jenea Sutton — @jeneas_

1) What brought you to creating Edge Cycle?

I moved down to San Diego in September of last year. I left Soulcycle to find something more intimate — that broke the rules a little bit. That’s very much who I am — hence the shaved head!

I wanted a place where I was able to be who I was and people were able to be who they were — no judgements at all. Creating this place — we kept asking how can we push the boundaries from the get? So you know that when you walk in here there are no surprises and you’re accepted.

2) How did you pick this location?

We wanted a location that would jive with the brand for our flagship, and everyone said East Village was up and coming. And we’re up and coming! We actually looked at a space around the corner from here, but it didn’t have the visibility. And then I saw this building. Originally, it was supposed to be a market. But I saw it, and I wanted it, and we got it. We left the majority of the concrete exposed and ran with the industrial look.

3) If there was a one-sentence description that you want people to say when they think of Edge Cycle what is it?


Classes are lit.

Staff is lit.

Really, I just want it to be home. I want people to come hang. You don’t always have to come to take class. Sometimes, you just need a moment of your life to chill, and you can do that here. Come chill with us.

Instructor: Natalie Addiego — @natalieann17

1) How did you get into teaching spin?

I was actually a rider first. But I had this burning fire in me that wouldn’t go out. I kept going back and forth between maybe I shouldn’t, maybe I should. And one day I just asked Jenea (because we were friends), do you need any more instructors? I fully expected her to say no. But then she said, actually your name has come up multiple times — come try it. And I instantly fell in love. The energy in that room and being able to do what you want is unlike anything else.

It’s also low impact. Kind of like swimming. If you are safe, you’re going to be able to do it for the long term. I did Crossfit for years and I wasn’t able to sustain that. Every gym I go to, they say you don’t have to add a lot of weight, but I’m super competitive so I always did!

2) What thought goes into making a playlist for spin?

It’s kind of funny because our whole thing is “F*@K BASIC” but someone has to have the old Nelly and Chris Brown songs. I always try to have a good mix. I’m from the Bay Area so bay music is definitely ingrained in me, I grew up listening to it. But I mean — I also love Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and all that.

3) How did you end up in San Diego?

My family all lives in Temecula. I always knew I wanted to end up here. I actually just got married this past weekend. I asked my husband if he would be open to taking the plunge a bit sooner so we could come down and help open Edge. He was super supportive and said “Yeah, let’s do it!” We both grew up in the Bay Area so it was time for something new, for a new adventure.

I love it here. You can’t beat the weather. My family is here, and my heart is here.

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun! Up next is Pure Indoor Cycling in Downtown San Diego!

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