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Day 19: Lagree Method — Full Body

Dec 14, 2018 · 6 min read

Background: Elevate is the Lagree Fitness studio in Solana Beach that everyone is talking about! In one full-body session, you will get Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility in every move. The Lagree Method is performed on the state-of-the-art Megaformer. Each class is adjustable to all ages and all levels of fitness and will activate your slow twitch muscle fibers. This keeps you in the fat burning zone throughout the entire 40 minutes. Learn more about Elevate training here!

The Studio In Between Classes

Nearing the big Day 2–0 of fitness, you would think I would be in somewhat decent shape by now.

Not so fast. We took off a few weeks for the holidays (and aside from a strenuous Barry’s class) my workouts were sparse. So when we got back and registered for our ClassPass trial, I was already mentally preparing for the week. Seven days of straight exercise. We could do that? Couldn’t we?

As I pondered this question, something kept coming to mind. There is one thing we get asked almost every time we tell someone about our 100 Days of Fitness project:

“100 days with no breaks?” they assert as their eyes widen. Even the fitness instructors find that undertaking shocking.

“No, no,” we assure them, “we take breaks here and there.”

“For recovery,” Dylan chides.

“Only because we have to write the blog posts,” I explain.

The reality is, getting into shape is a tough process. And even for the most consistent exercisers, we all need breaks. So armed with this understanding, we chose to take two classes this week. That way we could ease our way back into 100 days and emerge stronger next week.

Up, Close, and Personal with the Megaformer

Two days after our sweat session at Barry’s, we find ourselves hopping into the car and heading north.

Where are we going? Solana Beach.

What for? Pilates?

No, Lagree (more on that later!)

Now, Dylan and I had actually met Bekah, the studio manager and our instructor for the day, several months ago. We were chatting about all things Vizer, and how studios can be a great tool to keep people engaged. We told Bekah about our 100 Days project back then, and she immediately encouraged us to come try a class. But we’d done our research — word on the street was that Elevate is an amazing workout, but a tough one. Despite Bekah’s assurances that the class was for all levels, I insisted I get at least 10 more classes under my belt.

Well — we did. So here we find ourselves walking in, grippy socks in hand, and ready to lunge. Elevate is a beautiful studio on the second floor. When we walked in we were both taken aback by the machines. We’ve walked into some pretty crazy stuff before (think jiu jitsu flips). But these were something else. They were big, black, sleek, strappy, and a little bit intimidating.

A class was wrapping up before us, so we were able to take a moment with Bekah to learn how the equipment works. There are springs, pulleys, straps, handlebars, and a giant sliding mat. A lot to process at once. Noticing the blank looks on our faces, she assured us she would be around to show us how to use the machines if we got confused.

The room started to fill up with people, so we went to pick out our Megaformers. Surprise! We picked the far back corner. We settled into our machines and I started using my feet to push the sliding table back and forth. I look at Dylan laughing like a kid at a carnival.

“Hey, you should try this, it’s fun!” — Sam

He rolls his eyes.

Little did I know it would be neither of us who got the last laugh.

Flash forward ten minutes later and we are STANDING on these sliding contraptions. We’re supposed to be squatting, lunging, and pulsing at the same time. It’s like barre + pilates + strength training (+ why is my heart beating so fast). I look over at Dylan and he has that focused look of concentration that only he gets. The one where he wants to show everyone that he’s the best in the class. Well, not today buddy. He definitely held his own, but I was more reminiscent of an uncoordinated gazelle.

Thank God for Bekah who stayed close and helped with adjustments. With the full body workout, we did everything from planks, to crunches, to squats. Several of them I probably did incorrectly, but I could definitely feel the burn. As I wrapped my mind around my shaking legs (still sore from Barry’s) I wondered how I was ever going to finish class. There had to be at least 20–30 minutes left I estimated.

But then, as I’m holding the last plank I have in me, Bekah chimes in, “Are you ready for the last move of the day?”

It was like bells ringing. I flipped into a sit-up position and powered the set of crunches out. As spent as I was, it was the perfect workout duration. I got a full body workout. I pushed myself to physical exhaustion. And the best part was I didn’t experience mental fatigue until the very end. Clearly, this had been well thought through.

All in all, Elevate is a tough workout. It fires up every muscle in your body in a quick and efficient way. You won’t believe this, but after class, all I was thinking about was when I could come back. To get on Bekah’s schedule Tuesday, we skipped the foundation class and went straight to full body. But now that we’ve done that, I’d love to take it a step back and focus more on how to do the moves. Once I get that foundation down, Lagree could be the perfect way to get the strength I’m hoping to build.

We stuck around after class to ask Bekah a few questions. Check out her answers below!

Meet the Instructor:

Bekah Marx: @bekahboo100

How did you get involved with fitness?

I started going to the gym in high school and fell in love with working out. But I got involved with Lagree fitness when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as a teenager. I had to stop doing high intensity workouts with impact. I found Lagree which is high intensity but low impact and I fell in love so I started teaching.

Could this be your only workout?

Lagree has everything you could possibly need. It is a full body workout blending strength, cardio, endurance, balance, and flexibility. It’s everything you can do in fitness, all in one super efficient workout. For a lot of people who cross-train, this is only going to improve what they are already doing. Personally, this is what I do the majority of the time, and I do yoga for stretching occassionally. If I want an extra cardio hit that week, I’ll do the cycling class we have here.

How often do guys do pilates? (Dylan)

So this actually isn’t pilates. That’s probably the biggest misconception, it’s Lagree. Males tend to think it is a girly workout, but Lagree is more comparable to weight lifting and strength training than pilates. It’s honestly the best thing that guys could ever do. It works all of the stabilizing muscles: the slow-twitch fibers, the endurance training rather than the explosive weight training. So it’s only going to improve balance, coordination, core strength and their lifting game if they’re big lifters. It’s meant and designed for males, females, all ages, and all fitness levels.

What is the story behind Elevate?

We used to be Core-40 which is now in the Bay Area. This studio has evolved through several name changes, but it has always been a Lagree studio. As the machines evolve and the method evolves, so have we. We have been at this location over 9 years now, and we rebranded about three years ago to Elevate Training.

What’s your favorite post-workout snack?

It is super important with strength training to get protein in after. We have super yummy Après vegan protein shakes, and then we have Choice downstairs which is a juice bar. You can add protein to their juices! Those are lifesavers for me if I’m working at the studio.

But if you can go home and make a good meal afterwards that is always ideal!

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun! Up next is Yoga Six in Point Loma!


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