One Love, One Flow: Charity Yoga

Day 15: Power Yoga

Oct 12, 2018 · 6 min read

Background: One Love Movement brings people together to take action. Their mission is advancing social justice for kids both in San Diego and beyond. One way they’ve made this action tangible is by partnering with JRDN at Tower 23. Every Monday in October you can sign up for a yoga class on the sun deck.

Learn how you can flow into the sunset for a good cause here.

October 8th Class with Kim Bauman

We were mid-meeting with Chosen Foods and discussing our upcoming Golden Ticket party —

(more details to come)

— when Kate & Kelsey slam the table and say, “you have to come to yoga with us next week!”

Why the enthusiasm? We had told them about our 100 Days of Fitness project and how we were *supposed* to go to crossfit that morning. As I’m sure you can imagine, Dylan was the one who booked it.

Little did he know that I would go online and read the WOD (crossfit lingo for Workout of the Day) first.

800M sprints with 100 wall balls followed by 100 lateral burpees over bar.

“Ha.” — Sam

I informed him that he would be handling Day 15 by himself. Needless to say, Crossfit is now on the list of workouts that we can attempt after Day 50 (right next to run clubs).

After detailing the saga to Kate and Kelsey, they shared something that was way more up my alley. They were going to a sunset yoga class at Tower 23 and included in the class was a free drink or appetizer at JRDN! Sign us up.

Tower 23 Hotel — Sun Deck

For those who haven’t had a chance to visit Tower 23 in Pacific Beach, it is a boutique hotel right off the boardwalk. The sun deck offers panoramic views of the ocean and the vibe is sleek & trendy. We arrived ten minutes early and saw a stream of people with yoga mats heading up the stairs.

Then what do you know — we saw Sheri from Day 9 at Fitbit Local! Every day of this project that we complete, we are more surprised by how small the San Diego fitness world is. So many of the people we meet know each other as professionals, but they are also friends. They choose to take time out of their busy schedules and spend it together. In our opinion, that is the true definition of community — one we love becoming a part of.

After catching up, we headed into the main event space. We found a great spot to lay out our “mats” (note: Dylan still uses a beach towel) facing the sunset. The class size was full but not overcrowded and everyone was equal parts calm and excited.

Dylan channeling his “Zen” before class

Before we began, Kim Bauman, the founder of One Love Movement, shared her story.

Kim was an orphan in Seoul, South Korea as a child. It was not until an organization discovered her that an adoption was possible. They connected her with a family in the United States. This organization, Eastern, still exists today. They take in and care for over 500 babies per year! It is one of the many organizations that One Love supports, but their focus is as global as it is local. Currently, they are gearing their energy towards social justice for kids in San Diego. To do so, they are partnering with schools to promote anti-bullying initiatives.

Words of Inspiration from One Love Movement

After learning more about the cause we were even more excited to attend. The yoga flow began and we warmed up with mountain poses and forward folds. One word of advice — bring a hair tie to every workout class you take. I forgot mine and felt like Medusa the entire time.

Sam (red shirt) Pre-Hair Flip

That noted, there are few things better than rising up, peering through your eyes/hair, and seeing the ocean. The sun was beating on our faces and would inch lower towards the horizon with every breath we took.

This class was a power class and we moved through strength-focused poses. There was one squat/twist movement where our legs were on fire. When Kim said, “and one more deep breath”, we both glanced at each other and inhaled and exhaled as fast as possible.

What is great about power yoga is it demonstrates the fitness benefits of practicing. Often yoga can be mistaken as a non-workout. But anyone who has held a chair pose for an extended period of time can attest that is not the case. The body is in constant movement, which challenges unique muscle groups. In one 45-minute session you get an intense full body workout.

Beyond that — it is also a mental release. When you focus on the movements and the breath, your mind adapts and becomes free to wander. Both Dylan and I talked about how much we zoned out during the class. Between the sea breeze wafting off of the ocean and the warm glow off of the Tower 23 fire pits, it felt like a resort.

The class ended with crocodile poses (lying on your stomach) and happy baby poses (rolling on your back). Then finally, as hoped, the savasana. It was a perfect way to end a busy Monday and the premier example of why San Diego is the greatest city in the country.

After the class we all received lululemon goodie bags with candles, chapstick, and RX bars. It was like the gift that kept on giving. We all headed down to JRDN where MINDBODY was sponsoring the post-yoga treats. One of our options to splurge was a glass of wine (bubbles, red, white, OR rosé). We also could use our free item to redeem an appetizer. Although the fried brussel sprouts we’re calling our names — we ended up with the wine.

“I read that a glass of red wine a day is healthy!“ Dylan Barbour

All in all, it was a fantastic way to spend a Monday, and a cause we could get behind. We met a ton of new friends — even in the parking lot (looking at you, Heather)! But if you missed it, don’t fret— you still have your chance. This series will be running every Monday for the rest of the month. Sign up for your spot next week here — taught by Julia Sparkman!

Meet the Instructor

Kim Bauman — @onelovemovementorg

Can you share with us in your words what the One Love Movement is?

One Love Movement is a non-profit. Our mission is to create projects and events that bring people together to advance social justice for kids.

How did you become involved in fitness?

I did yoga teacher training back in 2009 — and I got hooked. It changed my life. I started teaching yoga full time a couple of years later. I loved how it made me feel.

I felt like everything was going to be OK whenever I took yoga. And then I realized that it wasn’t about the physical practice. It was the connection between your body and the state of your mind. When you’re facing self chatter and limited beliefs, your practice can elevate you.

How do you define a yogi?

Anyone who is kind in life is a yogi. Yoga is not about the physical practice, it’s what you do off of your mat and out in your life.

I don’t know if Oprah does yoga — but she is one of the biggest yogis out there with her practice in life. Same with Michelle Obama. I don’t know if she does yoga — but she is definitely a yogi.

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun!


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