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Day 28: Pure Empower

Jul 22 · 5 min read

Background: Pure Barre is a collection of 45–50 minute total body workouts. At the core of our technique we use a thoughtful series of low impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce results. You’ll use the ballet Barre and other light equipment as you move through class, focusing on different areas of your body. Your muscles will shake. You’ll get stronger with each class. And ultimately, you’ll rise above who you were yesterday. Precise. Proud. Balanced. Passionate. Check out Pure Barre here!

Walking into Pure Barre Studio

The day came where I was asked to go to my first Barre class.

I was hesitant at first when Sam and Dylan asked me because I knew how sore they had been after their first Pure Barre class. I didn’t know what to expect besides that it was going to be challenging. I asked Sam and Dylan some questions, but being a “need all the info I can get” type of person, I looked up the Pure Barre website. They had a full section on what to expect, what to bring, and even terminology. They said to wear leggings or pants and to bring “grip socks” if you have them, but if not, no worries because they offer them at the studio as well! As we headed downtown I was excited, but also nervous about my ability to hang during this rigorous class.

When Sam, Dylan, and I walked into the studio in East Village there was a strong sense of community.Everyone seemed to know one another and enthusiastically greeted each other with a smile on their face!

Positive Energy the Second You Walk In!

I would recommend arriving about 10 minutes early if it is your first time, because you have to sign in, give information, and give yourself time to get acquainted with the studio and equipment. We told our instructor Katt we were newer to Barre, and she reassured us (me mostly) that we were going to crush it! She showed us the room, and where to get the weights and platform. She then gave us a little outline of class letting us know we would start with upper body where the weights are wrapped around our wrists, and then switch to lower body with the weights on our ankles, and end with core where we would need a mat. Katt made sure to let us know that at any point we could lose the weights, or modify any of the movements.

It was nothing like I expect a barre class to be like, the class started with an upbeat song where our movements were synchronized to the beat.

The movements were all micro movements that really engage your muscles! I didn’t know all the moves, terminology, or form, but Katt was incredible and made sure to guide us through each part of class!

We started on the floor with our platforms in front of us, and our weights around our wrists. We went through a series of upper body movements that really pushed the strength and endurance of our muscles. Then we move the weights to our ankles and did a set of movements on the platform, and then moved over to the barre to finish the lower body section. I will say the repetitive micro movements -pulses- cause your muscles to burn and even shake at points! I enjoyed this because I knew I was truly engaging my muscles, and getting a strong workout! Finally we ended with core, I felt like giving up at this point, but the energy from Katt and the others in the class kept me going!

Engaging that Core!

When we were done, I felt like I had the best toning workout ever! I knew I would be sore the next day, and understood all the buzz around Barre!

We asked Katt if she had a moment to chat with us before the next class started. Check out what she had to say below!

Meet the Instructor:

Katt Mackin: @kattmackin

How did you get involved with Barre?

A studio opened in my hometown of Dublin, Ohio and I decided to give it a shot (shout out Pure Barre Columbus)! Needless to say I was hooked after my first class. I had no idea what I was doing but the energy, music, and the warm staff made me want to come back the next day. That was in 2012. Pure Barre is so much more than a fitness class. It became a place where I could reach goals and forget problems. In 2014, I had the opportunity to take my passion to the next level and started teaching at Pure Barre Park City. I will have been teaching for five years this September and I’m so excited to be apart of this San Diego family!

What makes Pure Barre different from other Barre studios?

Our technique and our community! Pure Barre has massive resources that allow us to be a step above not only other barre studios but most offerings in the boutique fitness world. All of our movements are backed by science and perfected by people who love the technique. Our community is comprised of passionate teachers and clients that set us apart from everything else. Our goal is to help every person who walks through the door be the best version of themselves, physically and mentally.

What is your favorite Barre movement?

Cardio sprints during Empower. They are short, intense and allow you to push your boundaries.

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where we will be working out for Day 29.


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