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Day 30: IT Fitness

Sep 25 · 5 min read

Background: Red Effect Infrared Fitness provides a unique, life-changing approach to wellness. The group fitness classes combine infrared therapy, heart rate monitoring and high-intensity interval training to provide their customers with a fitness routine they love. The Red Effect Infrared Fitness in Carmel Valley is the first Red Effect on the west coast! They just opened a new location in Encinitas as well! Check them out here!


I arrived about 20 minutes early so I could get a little tour and the rundown on how the class was going to operate. Colleen first showed me the HIIT infrared room which contained treadmills, rowers, and TRX Stations. The HIIT room is a little warmer than your typical HIIT room, but I thought it felt good… and I have a pretty low tolerance for the heat during these warm summer days. I told Colleen about my tight hamstring, which she informed me that the infrared would actually help with during the work out. She then took me across the hall where there is an infrared spin room, and a kickboxing room. Lastly she showed me their two infrared Saunas which you can book 45minutes just like a class. I thought about how awesome it was that they offer so many different types of workouts at one place! I went back and placed my belongings in the lockers located near the restrooms and shower, and then headed up to the desk to get my heart rate monitor. I placed the heart rate monitor right around my chest and headed into the HIIT room to meet my instructor Jamie.

Infrared Spin Room

Jamie was awesome and gave me the rundown on the class, and the equipment. She informed me it was going to be an endurance day, (greattt, I thought) and let me know we would start on the treads, move to the TRX stations, then on to the rowers, and that we would do all of that twice. I knew I was in for a challenging workout, with a hopefully a large payoff! We started off on the treads where we were suppose to be in the yellow zone, Heat. The heart rate percentage was displayed on the screens in the room, which we’re connected to your monitor. Yellow is Heat, Red is Fire, and Dark Red is Burn.

So like I said we were suppose to start off in Heat. I started to jog around 5mph, (pretty easy for a now avid exerciser like myself) but when I glanced up at the screen to check my percentage it was at 95% which would put me in the top zone, Burn. I was a little confused at first. Am I actually working at 95% jogging 5mph? If so, I should really be working out more, sheesh. If I am working out this hard, maybe I should ease up, take it to a fast walk at 3.5mph. After having my internal struggle that was actually just distracting me from working out, I decided to flag Jamie down. She asked me if I filled out my weight and age before hand, which I hadn’t, so that could’ve been affecting my percentage. She also reminded me to just go with how my body felt. So luckily for me, I racked up some Burn points! Even though it could be argued they weren’t fairly earned.

After the rigorous workout, there was a stretch portion of class. I was very happy with this, seeing that most studios do not account for cool downs, or stretching time as part of the class, but Red Effect is not like moststudios.

After class Jamie and Colleen asked me how it went. I told them how my very tight hamstring felt surprisingly a lot better! And that I needed to come back to check out those Saunas. Check out our post workout convo below!

Meet the Instructors:

Jamie Webster: @coachjdaddy

Colleen Carty: @collweezy22

How did you get into fitness?

JW: I was a division one athlete, and played lacrosse at Virginia Tech. After I graduated from college I was really bad to myself, and after I turned 30 I decided to change everything and trade all my bad habits for good ones. I started to get really into fitness, and taking care of myself. I had friends who told me I should try Orange Theory so I tried that, and decided I wanted to get into the fitness industry.

CC: I was also an athlete all the way up until college and once I didn’t have that practice, “This is what you’re supposed to do” I got lost for a little bit. I became a member at Orange Theory back home in D.C and spur of the moment decided to move across the country, and change jobs from a sedentary job to do something I like, the people at orange theory loved working there so I decided I wanted to work in fitness. I started working there and I loved it, got to talk to people all day you get to see the changes that happen in people’s lives even if its going from no weights to using 10lb weights. I was passionate about it, and I knew it was what I wanted to do, which led me to Red Effect.

Why Red Effect?

JW: I love the multiple concepts, and our owners value what we bring to the table. They hired us for a specific reason and their taking our ideas and valuing them and making the changes we think we should which each of the studios. Its really cool to have a standard but also have that freedom within the studio as well. Anddd we have a little bit of everything!

CC: I was spending so much money on all different types of studio memberships. When I found out what Red Effect was doing, I was very interested because there isn’t anything really like this with the three different boutique studios in one place with infrared technology too. So it takes a lot of things that are going really well from the fitness space and improving upon it.

What is your favorite exercise?

JW: I’m a lifter. I love strength based, functional movements. And those functional movement help you live a long and healthy life.

CC: I had never boxed before, and I was really hesitant to, but now it’s my favorite thing! We do a combination IT and Boxing class, and I love it. I think it’s a little intimidating at first with a full boxing class, but getting introduced to it when it is about 30 minutes, I am starting to get the hang of it!


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