Renegade Fitcamp

Day 10: Strength and Conditioning

Sep 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Background: Renegade Fitcamp (RFC) is the fresh, unique, and dynamic answer to every fitness challenge out there, from the casually simple to the extremely complex — from building lean muscle to losing weight to changing up your workout routine for maximum results. Established in 2017, Renegade Fitcamp is the premier fitness gym in San Diego offering the ultimate in group classes, personal training, and fitness goal achievement, all in a workout environment that seriously raises the bar for fitness gyms in San Diego.

Inside Renegade Fitcamp

Well, well, well. Here we are after Day 10/100 and I have yet to learn my lesson re: challenging the instructors. Renegade was no different. Fresh off my 3 days of limping around HQ in Mission Hills post-Fitbit Local, we arrived for the 9 AM class with Keara at Renegade Fitcamp’s Hillcrest location. We were strongly encouraged to bring a towel and our own water bottle, and thank god we did.

I always get the pregame jitters whenever we take a new class, but I felt oddly confident today. We stepped into the back room filled with treadmills, bikes, turf, and platforms, and Keara began to explain our workout. We had four circuits: incline strides, bike burnouts, dumbbell exercises/hamstring exercises, and body weight/resistance band exercises.

I’m a cardio guy so I went straight to the treadmills; thinking nothing could be harder than our Orange Theory workout, I figured this would be a breeze.


We alternated the incline between 6% and 15% until I couldn’t remember what day of the week it was — it was great. We then transitioned to the bike (with the fan thing in it, not sure of the name) to go as hard as we could for 1 minute intervals. While the class may be intimidating to some, Keara alleviates that feeling by finding time to individually check on each attendee. And believe me, I needed checking in on.

Mental Prep

The remainder of the workout was just as hard. A combination of body weight, resistance bands, and dumbbell exercises brought us home — and me to the floor at the end of class.

RFC is different than your traditional bootcamp or crossfit classes — the exercises and circuits focus on old school strength and conditioning principles combined into a workout. Back to the basics, baby. I highly recommend bringing your own towel. RFC holds a special place in my heart because we are officially 10% of the way done with 100 Days of Fitness, and I couldn’t be happier with the variety this class brought to our journey. A great combo of strength and conditioning, Renegade is sure to get you sweating and in shape crazy fast.

Anyways, we had the chance to catch up with our instructor, Keara McCullough, who had nothing but positive vibes, and she definitely explains and highlights the best parts about RFC. Check out our interview below!

Meet the Instructor:

Keara McCullough: @keara.christine

What’s Renegade Fitcamp and how did it start?

KM: Quick background: So we just opened this location (Hillcrest) in April, and the first location is in Point Loma, which opened a little over a year ago. I started in Point Loma with the company November of last year, but we’re growing and look to have a 3rd location by next year, and then grow in the area and eventually the United States.

Anyways, the premise is that we’re a strength and conditioning gym. This isn’t bootcamp, and this isn’t crossfit. This is old school strength and conditioning principles put into a workout. It’s nothing new. We have basic equipment — you don’t need anything crazy to get a good workout. We want to teach people the basic principles again, and no matter what whenever you come in here the workout will be different.

How did you get involved with fitness?

KM: I am a personal trainer and holistic health coach, so I coach women (some men too) on how to build strength, how to build confidence, and just how to feel good in their bodies again. I love working with athletes it’s awesome, but I want to work with the Average Joe and help them live a better, healthier life. I want your outside to feel good, I want your inside to feel good, and I just want you to be good, ya know?

What’s your favorite post-workout snack?

KM: SMOOTHIE! Right now my favorite is a plant-based chocolate protein powder with two handfuls of greens, frozen zucchini, plant-based almond milk, a half of cup of frozen blueberries, and blend that up with some ice cubes if you want! At the end of it I use PB Fit, which is that organic de-fatted peanut butter. Add two spoons and you’ve got something that’s chunky and can taste fatty but only has 6 grams.

Share your experience with the hashtag #100VizerDays or meet us at the studio to join in on the fun!


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