¡Ole! Bilingual “I See I Learn” books from Books by the Bushel

Have you ever met someone and thought, “Wow! What a great new friend!” That’s how I felt last year when I met Paula Darnell, founder and CEO of Books by the Bushel at the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership conference. I was thrilled to be asked to give a presentation at the conference with my good friends from the CCDC Preschool. Meanwhile Meg Quinn from Charlesbridge, which publishes my I See I Learn series, arranged for Paula to carry my books in her booth. Working with Paula was a joy.

We first began talking about bilingual I See I Learn books over dinner. Discussions led to more discussions and now they’re real. Ta da! !Ole! Introducing the first two titles, exclusively available at Books by the Bushel!

“Bilingual books are wonderful tools to help create a bridge between languages,” says Paula. “They give teachers the opportunity to educate children in the school language, while at the same time they foster an appreciation for the home language. Bilingual books encourage parents to continue using their home language, knowing that it will benefit, not detract from, their children’s school language learning.”

On behalf of all the kids at Ready Set Pre-K in See-and-Learn City, thank you and gracias, Paula! Indeed we are so excited about the new bilingual editions that we created special free downloadable pdf posters of the bilingual “Closer Look” pages that recap the skills covered in the stories.

Stuart J. Murphy

p.s. from my visit to CCDC — what a fabulous preschool!

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