Is Monitoring Your Website Metrics Important

When was the last time I monitored the metrics of my website?

Take this question to a non techie and his answer would mostly be What is that? Or my vendor must be doing that. Take the common user out and bring in a techie into the equation. The answer might probably be the same for a majority of the website owners.

That brings the question: Is Monitoring Your Website Metrics Important?

I would say YES. Note the “capitalization”. Pun intended.

It is your Brand: your website is your Brand in the digital world. The performance of your brand really matters. Your brand is always online even when you are not. You wouldn’t shut your customer walking into your store/office, so why should you boot out a prospective customer with your website being down at a time of their need. Always know the performance of your website.


Track uptime and availability of applications every minute 24/7 using our probe servers from locations across the globe.

Measure page speed and performance of mobile and web apps with tips to improve the UX score.

Your brand should always be Available to every visitor across the globe

It is your Property: Your website, Cloud applications & digital assets are basically your property wherever you host them. Typically, as applying for your property, you don’t want it to be hoarded by unwanted elements. Your property could be affected by a bad IP/Network or could be under threats like Spam, Malware and Bots.

Manage your property with Threat Intelligence that provides Evidence based knowledge and indicators to help eliminate all existing and emerging threats like Malware, Phishing, Bots and Spam

It is your Reputation: The performance and trust quotient your website commands in the digital space is your Online Reputation. Always remember, Reputation travels faster and stays longer. A Bad Reputation travels twice as faster and stays twice as longer because it is ALWAYS ONLINE. Redeeming your lost reputation is costly and time consuming and so it is always better to start with a positive reputation and keep improving it.

“One that is measured is easier managed” Stop incidents falling through the cracks and take complete control over your web asset’s performance and so your online reputation.

Is it Easy to Use? Can I Customize Alerts? Can I have a Single Access?

Event Grouping, IP Monitoring & Real-time Alerts

The monitoring service you choose should come with the zero complications both in terms of use and cost. Adding monitors must be a breeze and mostly should take less than a minute. Your time is precious. We value it.

Once you have added monitors, you should be able to customize who should be alerted for a particular incident. Event Grouping & Service Grouping allows you to streamline every monitoring service to the right DevOps team for faster incident resolution

Give your team a seamless monitoring and communication experience with our ease of integrating with your existing tools for improving the efficiency.

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Stay on top of your metrics

Uptime Monitoring, Blacklist Monitoring & Cloud Monitoring