Pro-GMO or Anti-GMO, Our Goals Are Not That Different
Layla Katiraee

I feel an urgent need to share my uneducated opinion about this article☺.

Why not to use money which we currently using for GMO advancement to eliminate what causes a global warming to exist? I know why. Because it’s so typical for humans to shoot themselves into belly and then patch up that hole with clay, “because this absolutely harmless”. Very wise. And you know what? To cease food problem we just need to grow more healthy, natural food and distribute it to those in need, instead of creating something new from what we already have and state that it’ll save us from starvation. Of course. If not to care about traditional food and our planet then soon all that will left will be GMO and in other ways “modified” products. In those (I hope distant) times people, who will refuse to eat “modified” products will simply starve to death. And those, who not will be “saved from starvation”. And more. You can’t tell us that GMO are safe, neither scientists can, because to tell it for sure we first need to fully understand the whole genetic code and way it works. Genetic code not only of vegetatives but a human one too. Or we don’t?

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