Equal pay and tennis

Equal is Equal; Equal quality of game=equal pay, but also equal time of game=equal pay, then there is equal spectator number=equal pay, equal sponsor endorsement=equal pay; however, none of these have ever been equal, and will never be.

Now the problem where I stop supporting Djokovic’s clumsy and thoughtless answer, and not because I am a woman, but a realist and a factist; hence, I refuse to accuse him of gender intolerance, as quickly and equally thoughtless as Serena Williams and Andy Murray seemed to be, is the fact that, as for anything in history, besides maybe being a prostitute or a caregiver, sport has always had a barrier to entry for women, which is less a fact in tennis, then in football. It is only a consequence of that fact that we don’t pay tickets for female sports as much as for male, and we as society don’t value female sports enough and the same.

The society needs to change our interests and divert them towards women in sports on a higher level, if we really want to show that the equality is our current state, or at least a goal. Nevertheless, if women quickly start jumping on their male colleges with accusations of their statements, where they base their reasoning for the pay on a time sheet principles (more hours=more pay, or more spectators=more tickets, as nobody complained about Taylor Swift making more than some less known male artist), and turn it into gender inequality issue, them we the women are asking for more pay then what we actually earned.

I really didn’t like how Serena jumped on it, like she doesn’t make enough money either, and rushed to point out how she started playing at two and how they all practice equally, but failed to point that nobody denied it, and that the talk was about the actual earnings, not undeserved bonuses. Athletes can all practice equal amount of time, but the input and intensity of training is much different for each. Above all, she points out that Djokovic has a son and questions would he have said to his daughter that she should be less paid, but she fails to point out that every time she plays a match that lasts, for instance, three hours, and Djokovic plays for five hours, his son has to wait for his father two hours longer than what Serena’s child would have to if she, for instance had one.

If we are using equality to place the blame, let’s use it equally and blame every wrong segment neutrally, or let’s refrain from raising the false alarm about our most honest and cooperative colleges.

I am a woman and a feminist, but also a humanist, moralist and realist, and that itself forces me to not tolerate shallow statements and quick and easy accusations by anyone, but to look deeper into the matter before jumping to a conclusion.

It is very simple to make same rules for male and female competitors, but even in that case equal pay would not make sense if a female player would attract more ticket sales. Would anybody complain then?

Anyhow it turns out to be, men and women should have the same starting point to be able to fairly look at the issue, which is now not the case, but the blame shouldn’t be thrown easily on the wrong person, just because we are not happy with our own condition; that doesn’t solve the problem, only creates misunderstanding.

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