Marketing & Technology

“…like life itself — IT JUST FINDS A WAY “

It’s that time of year. Everyone reflecting on the past, taking stock, declaring things dead, and pontificating about the future.

I’m no different. I’m immensely grateful to have spent my career at the confluence of marketing & technology. Like life, there was some randomness to how I ended up where I did, but I don’t regret it for a moment.

I’ve had the luxury of working with amazing people and companies, and everyday facing new challenges, solving cool problems, and adding some measure of value — hopefully!

I posit that this is the best career — well at least for me. I love technology, but don’t want to just live in a code cave. I love marketing & people, but I need some think & geek time — I adore the thrill of getting technology to work. I love to bring structure to unorganized masses of confusion, but at times want to be able to brainstorm, innovate and think freely. I get to do all this — almost everyday! The best of both brain hemispheres. Truly the best of both worlds.

So my little tip — word of wisdom if it can be called that, is if this fits your profile, go get some of this career. There are a plethora of jobs in this area — MarTech. Its hot and it even pays well! Let me give you a sample, and I’ve done everyone one of these jobs, and they all had the above wonderful mix:

Marketing Analyst — Client side

Marketing Business Consultant — Software Vendor side

Marketing Technology Consultant — Software Vendor Side

Marketing Engagement Manager / Practice Lead

Product Management — Marketing & CX Technology

Product Marketing & Strategy — Marketing & CX Technology

Last thing I’ll leave you with. Don’t buy it when people tell you things are dead. They aren’t dead in most cases — they are just resting and they have their place. Take certain channels — like billboards or direct mail. Dead right? Wrong! They are but another tool in your tool bag.

Use them if appropriate & blend them in wisely. Marketing is like life. It finds a way. If it works and you aren’t doing it, your competitors probably are. If others are flocking to something popular, that probably gives you and advantage somewhere else. Ever thought of a door nob as a viable channel?

It can absolutely be an effective channel — depending on your business. So keep an open mind, think critically, test your ideas (using a scientific approach), think freely, have fun, love life, and love this great job called “Marketing.”