Salesforce buys another analytics firm -startup BeyondCore

This is an interesting additional pickup for SFDC, that continues a streak of now 4 predictive analytics acquisitions this year (Beyond Core, MetaMind, Minhash, PredictionIO).

They were pretty small, but been around for a while (since 2004). They just got a $9m round of funding in 2014. As is typical of SFDC buys, they already had an interface with their platform. They also have integrations to Office, which seems to be their other angle, which is democratization and automated storytelling with analytics.

It’s not clear from a quick look at their website how good/deep their predictive analytics really are (they have basic stuff like regression), but what appears to be their mantra is “Insights that matter,” so what they claim is the ability to wade through lots of different analytics and insights and find the ones that are most actionable and impactful, and then generate “story telling” that helps the user understand what the system has found. To what extent they really do that in some valuable way that is different from classic BI tools isn’t clear from their website, as its very scant.

One things for certain. They are on an analytics buying spree, so they sensed their weakness there about a year ago and have been working to close the gap. This will go into their Analytics Cloud.