Feelings of an ordinary Medium beginner

Well,honestly,I discovered this social just four days ago and jumped all in. I don t really have expirience with other soc.networks. Was on FB for litttle while,got bored and never matched my tastes anyway,then I went on Quora for four years out of that just obseving it for a year and the half. Now,I have high hopes. This place looks more serious,articles are written well,they are long and you see effort put into it. To me il looks like Quora without all her defects,Quora that should be and once was. Well,hell,hope moderation works better overhere. You know how I m feeling right now? I feel completely brainfucked.Skullfucked if you prefer. I feel like after eating at Mc Donalds every meal for four years in the row I just entered in some top restaurant and I m speachless. After four years writing responses in assault mode,quick and short,after four years of reading mostly shit,propaganda,lies and half truths. After four years of digging mud searching for pearls and putting my heart in the middle I feel empty and brainfucked. Like got divorced yesterday and have to rebuild daily life from the scratch.From zero.Well,fuck.




European,fast food owner and traveler

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Vjenceslav Dumanic

Vjenceslav Dumanic

European,fast food owner and traveler

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