Hey! Pissed Off About the Whole Bernie Thing?

Understand This About Bernie Sanders and the DNC

This essay is not about whether or not Senator Bernie Sanders could or should be the President of the United States. This essay is also not about whether the DNC deliberately cheated or tried to block Sanders from achieving the party nomination. What I am writing about is why the DNC probably did what they did and why, although you can find fault with their tactics, you should not blame them for trying.

So if you just spent months of your emotional and physical energy on “Feeling the Bern” and fighting for Bernie Sanders to become the Democratic Party nominee for the office of President of the United States, why should you NOT feel betrayed and screwed over by the Democratic Party?

Because if you were them, you would have done the same thing.

The reasons you should not drop out of election politics completely or throw your vote to fascism instead of socialism is really based on a misunderstanding of human emotions. Allow me to explain.

Bernie was not a Democrat. He was elected to a six-year term of office as a Senator in the state of Vermont as an Independent. That means he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. See this article from May 1, 2015.

Bernie wanted to be the next President of the United States.

Bernie knew that he had no chance whatsoever of accomplishing that if he ran as a third party candidate.

Bernie could have joined up with the Republican Party if he felt it would improve his chances.

Instead, Bernie crashed the Democratic ‘party,’ so to speak.

A party the host spent years planning in order to pay tribute to the guest of honor.

I don’t need to spell out who the guest of honor is do I?

And then he created such a ruckus at the party that the host got a little pissed off. Call it a tribute party, call it a coronation party, call it whatever you want — but think of it this way:

You are holding a bridal shower for your best friend and one of the guests stands up at gift-giving time and says, “I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that I have just gotten engaged! Look at my ring!” And everyone goes “Oooo,” and flocks over to admire the rock on her finger leaving you and the bride-to-be sitting there feeling a little shocked and insulted.

Nobody likes a party crasher who steals the attention away from the guest of honor or the host.

Unless of course you are the majority of the Republican Party, but that is a different story — they never had a guest of honor to begin with.

So the DNC got a little pissed off and did some things to undermine this interloper. Can you blame them?

Perhaps you can take serious issue with some of those “things” they did, but not their reaction.

Allow me to tie this up for you, how can you be sure that I am quite possibly, speaking truth here?

Well, Bernie Sanders lost the general nominating election.

Then this happened.

“Bernie Sanders said he plans to return to the Senate as an independent, despite winning 13 million votes in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary contest.”

You can read the full article here.

So do ya think the DNC might just have a little ‘problem’ with Mr. Sanders after all?

Once again, I’m not saying whatever actions any released emails might show are justified. I’m saying that it is understandable that action was taken. It came down to a basic human emotional-fault we all fall prey to on occasion: Retaliation.

What I am trying to point out is that you might want to redirect all of that passion and energy instead of throwing it away based on another one of those basic human emotional-faults we all fall prey to on occasion: Spite.

Your future, and the future of this country, demands that you stay active. Continue to be an activist. Continue to care about what happens to you and your family and friends and neighbors and yes — even those people you don’t even know. It matters!

Don’t allow the oppression to continue!

Yet having said that, when it comes to electing our next President keep this in mind.

Whatever faults and criminal acts the current Democratic Party nominee has, it is hard to refute that she is infinitely more qualified to play the role of a national leader on the world stage than her Republican counterpart.

Is it really between picking the better of two evils?