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Of course poverty is a lack of cash! Poverty is the direct result of not having money, just as dehydration is the direct result of not having water. The very idea that people are poor because something is inherently wrong with their character or intelligence or willingness to work has been placed in the mind of society by those in charge of and in control of the money.

The elephant in the room is the question of why do we need money at all. Money is not water or air or food, it is not necessary for survival, yet for thousands of years, almost every waking thought almost every human has had, has revolved around money. Think of it, there is nothing you do, no decision you make without having to consider the ramifications of the supply of money. It completely controls our lives and has, seemingly, forever.

But what is you could live in a world without money? Think about this: Money itself does nothing, People are what do everything. Money just gets in the way of people doing things. We already have everything we need to create anything we want. The Earth is abundant. Everything humans have created in their entire existence could have been created without money.

But, but, but….You have a thousand buts going through your mind right now. That is good. Look at and think about those buts because when you spend the time to do so you see how money is nothing but an “add-on” in life, it is not a necessity. The concept, and application of a monetary system is nothing more that a tool of enslavement. Guess who are the masters and who are the slaves.

There is is an alternative, a way to live in a world without money and in fact, it is in the process of becoming a reality. It is called Ubuntu. The concept is called “contributionism.” It is a world of cooperation, collaboration, and not competition. It does not require money nor barter, nor trade nor any quality of value.

It is actually happening now. Obviously we cannot make an immediate switch from money to no money, it is a process. To learn more take this workshop and do you own research. (season 2)

Just think about it. Poverty is a situation created out of a system that operates on money. Take out the money and the situation no longer exists. Thanks for reading this far. Take care and seek peace.

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