I think this destruction of history, or revisionism, occurs because of pandering. There seems to be a need to create nonconfrontational space everywhere. Also, the topic seems to generate work, i.e. the new introductions to reinstated classics like GWTW. Another problem is the lack of discipline exercised when watching film. It seems true that one must be schooled in interpretation and how to watch film attentively. There are no throwaway lines, symbols, or referents in film. If people understood that, they might see the film through less jaundiced eyes. Without that deep understanding of history, Tom Penrod, those referents are no more than set dressing to most contemporary viewers.

This is not rhetorical.

What banks that received CARES ACT monies own the mortgages of homes, apartments, condos, mobile homes where renters and owners are facing eviction and foreclosure?


The Overweening Stench of Corruption

Is it only me, or does it seem odd that there is no concern whatsoever for the millions of people attemptin to survive this pandemic? Millions face eviction, no matter what the Oval Office Occupier writes up in executive orders or tweets or manages the…


GWTW does NOT glorify slavery. Read the book. The Civil War is the backdrop to the story of what war does to women. The film is beautiful and I bless the day high def was created because one can see with what care was taken with…

The Monkey Bathroom

I was on my way north on a road to Goa when the private vehicle in which I rode stopped at an outpost sort of building. Glad, because I needed to make, I quickly asked directions to the facility.

Follow the path along the way. Turn right…

Kent Stiles, adjuster for Safeco/Liberty Mutual Insurance, changed the claim number of the claim I filed on 22 April 2016. If you’ve followed my blog, you know I have been submitting descriptions of my first-time consumer experience of submitting a homeowner insurance claim with Safeco Insurance.

Kent Stiles and Nahal…

Homelessness growing

many lands underwater.

Will help come in time?

I am not Black

because I don’t care for

Oprah or Tyler Perry.

Thus spake the Latinx lady

who loves both.

VJ Hamilton

Silence is Violence. We gotta stand up. We gotta stand together on God's Little Acre. It's not too late.

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