The Overweening Stench of Corruption

Is it only me, or does it seem odd that there is no concern whatsoever for the millions of people attemptin to survive this pandemic? Millions face eviction, no matter what the Oval Office Occupier writes up in executive orders or tweets or manages the CDC to execute. Millions are hungry. Millions are afraid.

Do you feel that no one really cares?

Democrat, Republican. Same. Elites playing with our lives. None seem trustworthy. Their talk is always about money. Fundraising. From where is all this money coming? Where are the funds for needed protective equipment for our first responders? Why are doctors, nurses, auxiliary medical personnel being fired? Why are hospitals closing? Why aren’t the funds being used to support necessary social services instead of propping up dead weight for an election? …

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Been wracking my brain for the past few days for a way to tell folks how to watch one of my favorite movies of all time. Everything would be much simpler if everyone would read the book. It is long, but extremely readable and will pull you along as it sweeps through one of the most turbulent times in our history. Reading Mitchell’s work did more to encourage my study of the American Civil War than any other work I’ve read.

Reading just the first two lines of the book will alert you to the fact that the movie is strictly a production based upon the book. Much of Scarlett’s life is not depicted in the movie. The war provides a backdrop to the foregrounded “romance” but GWTW is not a romance, but an historical novel that records many of the significant battles that took place from 1862 forward. People tearing down the statue of US Grant don’t know their history. Hell, his affiliation is in his initials. …


GWTW does NOT glorify slavery. Read the book. The Civil War is the backdrop to the story of what war does to women. The film is beautiful and I bless the day high def was created because one can see with what care was taken with Hattie McDaniel’s makeup. I look at these young women who wear a topknot headwrap and am reminded of Mammy’s head covering. For a real visual treat, see Bank of Angels where the tignon is repped.

I digress. The film is cinematically impressive for it’s time. There is a scene of a pan out aerial of the Confederate wounded laid out in the town square that stuns. The film has great production value and should be presented as a film about the origins of Karen, aka Miss Ann. …


VJ Hamilton

Maxx's Mom. Injustice irks me.

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