When you have to start from scratch again…

Dear Friends,

As there is a saying that “change is the constant”, in your sales career as well there will be lots of changes you need to face & you have to find appropriate answers to deal with those changes & get ahead in your profession daily. In many of the cases, you will be given a new set of products, territory, responsibilities which you might have not dealt with earlier.

Some of the important points you need to consider & act up on when you face change are

  1. Please don’t sit back & relax. This is the time to get out from “I already know” mode & start learning more about new field.
  2. Networking with experts, associations, existing customers & old professionals to gain more knowledge, leads, market types, experiences, market updates, prospect database & be in regular interaction with them to quick sales start in the new field. Also use various online sites to gather information.
  3. Maintain good rapport & keep getting the support from your technical team, marketing team, support team & management team wherever it is necessary.
  4. Take more calls per day to practice effective positioning & learn objection handling on the field. Do not get disturbed by few initial rejections. Just focus on learning process.
  5. Self introspection on the strengths & weaknesses that you already possess related to the new field. Also find out areas of improvement. Write them & act on them on regular basis. Daily detailed self analysis after the working hours before you sleep will help you in correcting yourself & move forward to develop yourself towards the new field.
  6. Collect & deposit more & more marketing materials (fact sheets, videos, audios, etc) & collateral information to support your sales process.
  7. Take a lead at the earliest in streamlining the process & industry best practices to sell more & big. Learn from the leaders of the industry to be a best in the industry.
  8. Keep learning the basics of sales which are common in all new fields as well.
  9. Be innovative, different & smart always in your way.
  10. Always aim high, result oriented & stay positive in any of the situation you work in.

I found the above points are more useful. I am trying to learn more & more new ways to achieve my dream. Hope my thought would also be useful to you. Also I request to share if you have a better & supplementary ideas.

“Be Committed To The Change. Because Change is Constant”

Thanks & Regards,

Vinayak Joshi

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