Mike Pence # LRT

Does this photo make you uncomfortable? Notice Mike Pence’s left hand. Looks like a pretty good microcosm of the Trump-Pence campaign, Kiss and grab. Oh, you don’t mind if I engage in a little bit of LRT (short for “locker room talk”). Ya, I am introducing a little acronym you may find useful as this campaign moves, ahem, forward. Well, let me just say that I am SAT (short for “sick and tired”) of politicians who talk about their “hearts” and “what’s in their hearts” as if it is any different from what is in their heads. Here is an open letter to Mr. Pence who has spoken from his heart so often:

Dear Mike:

You seemed to be apoplectic twice this weekend. Once when you heard the tape with your running mate bragging about assaulting women (you said you were “sickened”), and then, after the debate, when Donald Trump showed you “his heart” (unsickened, in fact “proud to stand with you” proud). As if Trump’s words have any currency any more, you are losing your own credibility fawning over this misanthrope. His heart, Mike? Really? That black hole that has proved itself to be so shameless? What is it with the religious right and hearts, anyway? What does this overused allusion mean, exactly?

Here is the truth, Mike, your running mate is hiding behind the fact that what he said isn’t what he did. Sounds like what is in his heart is a deep disrespect for women, if only in his heart. And if your defense of this serial liar and braggart is that what was said is only something they label “locker room talk,” as if there is somehow a special form of banter used specifically in dressing rooms, then we are left to wonder what is in your head! Now, let me get this right, you are supporting a man who only metaphorically gropes women (supposedly). This is OK. Look, if he is a serial abuser — of women, truth, and assorted virtues — then you are the serial sycophant who will excuse whatever he says or does for the chance to serve him for the next 4 years in job that has been described as being akin to a warm bucket of piss (LRT#John Nance Garner).

Donald Trump stalked the debate stage on Sunday night like a caged lion — a big pussy, you might say — and when asked any question of substance demonstrated that what was in his head was vapid, and what was in his heart was dark and brooding. He has no plan, or policy beyond retaining his candidacy for president for another day. You, on the other hand, were put on record by your leader, that what you said about Syria was not the policy that he could support. Frankly, your leader admonished, you were full of shit (just LRT). I listened with interest as you kissed his ass (more LRT) on Monday twisting his and your words so they create a Kabuki-esque bit of theater that dances beyond bizarre.

No, Mike, I never had much respect for your running mate, but, at last, I now have less respect for you. You are being used like a drunken whore (yep LRT) and responded like a whipped… dog. No, even I couldn’t go there. I sure do hope that you enjoying your 15 minutes of fame. Will check in on what’s in your heart after the election.

Yours, in shame,

Your conscience

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