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Over the last few years while ‘killing it’ as Javelin Ventures Partner Alex Gurevich would say for early stage technology startups, it has always been my responsibility to generate leads for the company. While creating a pipeline of prospects, I’ve found the following solutions to be a godsend.


AI for Sales. This technology caught my eye because it’s accessible particularly for small startup companies.

Features. There are a number of ways this tool is more effective and efficient than similar ones in this space. Growbots allows you to target by industry, size of a company, title, and more. Targeting by what technology your prospects use is also an option. The technology connects with your email and by connecting with your CRM it gets rids of prospects that might be doubles. Plus, it automatically adds them to your CRM for easy access and tracking. With Growbots, cold emails are automatically emailed to large groups of prospects similar to the way they would be through YesWare or ToutApp, except it’s all inclusive in the price and provides an additional value by keeping it all in one place.

Effectiveness. Growbots leads are consistent. Taking Datanyze and Growbots side-by-side I found leads that came from Growbots were consistently more accurate. There were no info@ or any other type of generic emails that go into space when emailed. To Datanyze’s defense, they do give you credit for every wrong guessed email their solution offers as an info@, but unfortunately, time is of the essence in this fast-paced startup world for me to track this for them. Growbots leads were consistently good, were emails of people who actually worked at the companies I was trying to target and provided meaningful results in generating a pipeline of leads.

Price. I found their price point to be extremely accessible for what they are offering. Growbots is structured in a way that if you are a small company, you are still able to generate a list without signing up for an annual contract. They have tiered pricing structure accessible for every price level, so if you’re a company that doesn’t know if you’ll be around in 6 months or don’t know if you can raise your series A, this might be the right solution for you. The lowest tier price model starts at $400 for 600 leads, the next tier is $1000 for 1500 leads and so on. You are only buying what you need and are able to experiment with your new list at will.


A radically simple way to make it rain inbound leads from your LinkedIn profile, whether for sales, candidate sourcing, field marketing or P.R. This super-smart and easy-to-use tool is the most innovative LinkedIn hack of all time.

Features. SearchQuant is the ultimate LinkedIn lead-gen tool. Essentially, because all your prospects want to know who’s looking at them on LinkedIn and ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ is the 2nd most-used feature on there. SearchQuant takes advantage of your buyers’ curiosity in an ingenious way by visiting ~5000 well-targeted prospects each week, about 10% of which will come back and visit your profile, increasing your visibility on LinkedIn and promoting you and your firm. Then out of those prospects about 1% might add you which will allow you to start conversations with them without using your limited InMail messages that you pay for monthly. You do need a Premium account to have this tool work, but that’s a given for any sales pro.

Effectiveness. You absolutely must position yourself on LinkedIn as if in prospecting for leads instead of a resume for employers. I wrote a piece that speaks to this here, Fierce Online Branding with LinkedIn. In just the first two weeks of using SearchQuant, I had a CSV file of 3,000 prospects whose profile were visited, with titles, organization names and an ability to create a connection based on their company and their relevance to my mission and me.

Price. At an easy $200 per month and again a month-to-month model, SearchQuant makes it accessible for companies of all sizes to create a steady flow of prospects with minimal work involved.


This is perhaps the most advanced and sophisticated solution you would introduce to your team. As your company grows and develops, Condorly will help ensure the advertising dollars you are spending convert to more revenue and more leads. Condorly drives up your conversion rate once you’ve gauged the interest of your potential customer by funneling traffic to your site through various marketing and advertising techniques. Being an Optimizely Solutions Partner, their team of engineers and data scientists fill in the gap between Optimizely and the A/B testing, segmentation and personalization techniques your engineering team likely doesn’t have the bandwidth or the know-how to perform correctly.

Features. Condorly’s team is comprised of a group of veteran lead engineers from VentureBeat who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience as a turn-key solution to help boost your sales, leads, and marketing ROI. The team primarily focuses on desktop web applications and uses strenuous optimization testing of your site to boost conversion of your visitors, furthering the competitive advantage over your competition. Their team does everything from site audits to customer segmentation and personalization to a complete breakdown of end-to-end strategy. They utilize all available analytics on your site and combine this with captured data sets to decide on what areas to optimize to plug leaking traffic.

Effectiveness. The wonderful utility of Condorly’s optimization efforts is reaped as evergreen increases to lead and revenue generation and a boost in marketing ROI. IBM stated for every 92 cents spent on increasing native onsite traffic, they garnered the exact same ROI with only 8 cents worth of conversion optimization. If you’re only converting 3 out of every 100 visitors, why spend gobs of money to capture another 3 out of 100? Amazon, Sony, General Electric (and many more) are all optimizing to convert the other 97 visitors, reaping the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Price. Consider this, if you’re an e-commerce brand and your conversion rate is 4%, imagine the difference this solution can make for you in dollars if you doubled to 8%. Similarly for a B2B company, if you’re spending $1 — $5 per signup through advertising or conference sponsorship, you can easily determine what the loss of onsite missed conversion is worth to you. The service Condorly provides is not cheap, but the accumulated lead and revenue benefits plus a boost to ROI are unequivocally valuable to your long term strategy.

In conclusion, the way you would use these three tools would be jointly. By gathering leads from Growbots you are able to do a healthy amount of email campaigns and while those come to fruition, work on targeting the LinkedIn leads you are generating with SearchQuant. Above all, you want to make sure your website is ready for the new interest you generate and optimized to convert traffic at the peak level. If you have any questions about any of these solutions, I’d be happy to make intros or share more about my experience with each one. Please send a note or follow me on Twitter @vkholostenko

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.

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