A few Critical Climate Technology Breakthroughs Multiplied by “Instigators” is desperately needed

12–15 entrepreneurs, driven by entrepreneurial energy and passion for a vision, and a little bit of luck, could change the climate crisis into societal transformation

A dozen or so key technologies/entrepreneurs will make a substantial difference, far more than the next hundred efforts. Entrepreneurs will solve these key markets and technologies leading the industries in these areas to a new transition state. They will be the “instigators” that cause others in each industry to follow their lead. Whether these early entrepreneurs, driven by the power of ideas driven…

Khosla Ventures’ entrepreneurs are responding with amazing diversity to COVID-19 solutions for society’s needs!

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be one of the biggest disruptions we will face in some time.

In this difficult environment, we have found a commonality that makes us incredibly proud to be associated with our portfolio startups: the desire to help the nation and the world combat the pandemic. As mission-driven entities, we’re seeing our companies trade-off other priorities for this urgent societal need in a time when resources are scarce and it is not always easy to do “the right thing”. To be sure, some view it as a business opportunity. Many in our portfolio are working…

These are some of the questions that I am most frequently asked. I share my answers below and here on this episode of Harry Stebbings’ podcast.

Harry Stebbings:

This is the 20 minute VC with me, Harry Stebbings. I’ve wanted to do this episode ever since I started the show over five years ago. He’s a legend of the industry and a true pioneer and I couldn’t be more honored to welcome Vinod Khosla to the show today. …

(Mostly new; a couple from previous years I reread)


Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology — Each chapter illustrates one of life’s puzzles and makes you think differently about the world. Would life even be possible without quantum phenomenon like tunneling which we use extensively in semiconductors? Could cells transport potassium as they do without quantum? And it ends on the intriguing note: is the brain a quantum computer mediated by electromagnetic forces at levels considered too low for classical science?

By Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili

Ranking: 10 (highly recommended); one of the few books I have read twice!


Many years ago, when Keith Rabois joined our firm, I wrote this blog in Techcrunch. As we announce that Dan Levin is joining Khosla Ventures as our newest operating partner, I am reminded of why we called our firm a “venture assistance” firm and not a “venture capital” firm when we founded it in 2004. Younger (and experienced) entrepreneurs need this assistance far more than capital (funding) even if sometimes they don’t quite realize it yet.

The concept of venture assistance is simple. Most VCs pitch their firms as being able to add value — to really help a company’s…

A key element of my investment thesis has been that entrepreneurs innovate when institutions can’t — or won’t. That’s especially true in networking, where I’ve been proud to back winners who innovated their way past skeptics to create incredible value in the tech ecosystem. When networking was first rolled out into public networks, our support of TCP/IP was dismissed and telecom monopolies wanted to use the archaic ATM architecture to support public data networks in 1996. TCP/IP didn’t end up just extending beyond wired networks; it became the framework for whole industries that were built to make wireless communications an…

Contrary to press reports, free public access has never existed at Martin’s Beach in almost a century (and longer), only paid parking to allow access through the property. But the harassment of the new owners and misperceptions of the situation is new. I want to share my views here and dare you to understand the facts. I feel coerced and extorted, hence the fight.

1. What is the status of the legal dispute on Martin’s beach?

On Monday, January 29, 2018, San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Steve Dylina issued a Statement of Decision and Judgment finding there is no…

We don’t make most of the food we eat, we don’t grow it, anyway. We wear clothes other people make, we speak a language other people developed, we use a mathematics other people evolved and spent their lives building. I mean we’re constantly taking things. It’s a wonderful esctatic feeling to create something and put it into the pool of human experience and knowledge.” — Steve Jobs

1. The Summary

As a technology optimist I like to say, “what can be imagined technologically reasonably can be invented” is more true than not and more a matter of time and focus…

Critical Thinking, Knowledge basics and the Scientific Process First — Humanities Later

If luck favors the prepared mind, as Louis Pasteur is credited with saying, we’re in danger of becoming a very unlucky nation. Little of the material taught in liberal arts programs today is relevant to the future.

Consider all the science and economics that has been updated, the shifting theories of psychology, the programming languages and political theories that have been developed, and even how many planets our solar system has. Much, like literature and history, should be evaluated against updated, relevant priorities in the 21st century. …

This is the summary of “Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology”. The full version and slightly revised version will be released the end of January. Feedback, questions, and new ideas are welcomed.

We need large innovations!

“What can be imagined technologically reasonably can be invented” is more true than not. Technology and new inventions have always shaped the human world, and have disrupted the way we live and work, and yet we are only at the beginning. …

Vinod Khosla

entrepreneurship zealot, grounded technology optimist, believer in the power of ideas

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