Generally, every race hold their own stereotypes and most people believe those stereotypes. Of course these stereotypes tend to be true. In season 3 episode 5 “The Purge” they enforce the stereotypes of black people being violent and over excessive about what they do.

The episode starts out by showing how in the animal kingdom, the father is stronger then the son and leads the son. The episode then transitions into Dre making a fool of his son, and showing dominance over him. This plays into the stereotype of black people being violent and over excessive. Normal parents usually do not make a fool out of their son because they feel like it, and be somewhat violent of it. Dre did not use much violence, but the things he did like knocking pop corn out of Junior’s hand can be a sign of aggression and aggression is a form of violence. Viewers watching this might perceive that black people are violent, and like harassing people for no reason. On top of that, all the controversy surrounding black people and how they act further creates a negative connotation of black people and how they act around others.

Another example that can be seen in this video is Rainbow’s neighbor came dressed as a bee and thought that they should create some sort of “mischief night” where all the kids do things they normally would not do to vent out the stress. Ruby joins the conversation talking about the movie show The Purge, but calls it a documentary. By calling it a documentary, it further emphasized that black people are more accustomed to violence then other people because normally you would not call The Purge a documentary. Rainbow later says that the thing Ruby’s talking about is a movie called The Purge, and then Ruby said that’s a good name for it. On Halloween night, Ruby puts a mask on, and says into the microphone, “Attention neighbors. The purge has officially begun. For the next 12 hours all crime is legal.” Later, we see everyone going crazy, even seeing Ruby knocking over someone’s mailbox with a bat. Viewers watching this scene see that Ruby is basically promoting violence, even further enforcing the fact that black people are violent and over excessive.

These examples impact perception and how viewers see black people because this show is enforcing a stereotype that is generally known by most people. Normally, most people just hear these stereotypes and usually don’t see it too often in person. But by watching these kind of shows, people start to realize that these stereotypes are true. This creates a negative image around black people, impacting both black people and every other race. These stereotypes might make it harder for black people to bond with other races. Overall, the overall impact on audiences is that people associate black people with negative images, even though that’s not the case for all black people.