Love the contradictions in you!

They exist. Sometimes, they co-exist. These thoughts that run in our minds: the contradictions. Many times, they exist without us realizing their presence; they are a part of our system — intertwined. Those diverge contra opinions that we have on a same subject — some kind of love hate relationship with everything. It’s only when they drive us to a point of looking back the path that we have come that we know they possess us — completely.

Interestingly, co-existence is more wondrous than the mere existence itself. Especially, when being vividly aware of the contradictions in a mutually exclusive scenario, we want both the alternatives with equal desire and force. As an example, most of us constantly oscillate between a love for solitude and an equally prevalent love for people. The idea of complete independence and freedom is as exciting as the idea of people and family. While such position moves are possible in a complex scenario such as the one that pushes you to think of a purpose, in a relatively simpler situation, we tend to choose inaction or to go with one alternative to the exclusion of the other, depending on their prominence and frequency. Most of us would have done that when we chose our career option. In that case, a do nothing approach would not be acceptable to us and to others around us as well.

Occasionally, some us do sit back and think on why we even feel the way we do. Any kind of introspection on why such leaps in thoughts happen can even lead us to go berserk primarily because this ‘why’ belongs to the category of questions to which each one has to find the answer which suits him/her the most or stop thinking about it altogether.

Contradictions — they are to be understood. The question, therefore is not why they occur but what would become of us without them. Succinctly put, the hard reality is that we would cease to be interesting to our own selves and to others too. We would merely become an object constituting of blood and flesh, walking around with phenomenal sense of clarity — absolutely not exciting at all!

As a matter of fact, it would be really hard to imagine living without the 0.5 probability in everything. As hypothetical as this may be, the point is these contradictions are such an inextricable component of our existence that we would be foolish to think otherwise. They define us and our uniqueness has a direct bearing on what we think.

Contradictions are important. They help us understand ourselves better and to understand another person too. Frankly, we need to be worried only if we don’t feel mixed about something. It would mean we have been looking at only one side of the road because the other side was empty for a very long time. Contradictions are significant and elementary for the sustenance as well.

Therefore, I urge you to look for those contradictions. Relish and breathe in the elements that they bring out in you. In fact, your diversity is because of them. And unless you love that paradox, you would never love yourself!

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