We all are noobs

First of all, I wanna thanks the people behind the door “i mean the creator of medium.com” because this is the platform where the people like me, almost you can say noobs in writing start their thought convert in writing and share with the world. without being ashamed here I can say that I am really a noob in writing because i never write any paragraph in any web platform and also offline (side from my educational exam). so thank you guys again.

Go away noobs

some of you may not be agree with this but almost every where when someone want to learn something new and want to express their thoughts. people calling them noobs and tell the same line that above showing the picture go away noobs. so where the noobs like me and many of the others show their thought to the world.

Everyone is noobs

everyone is noobs sometime in their life. so we are, people don’t learn in their mother’s belly . they learn from the world, the society, the highly experienced people are also noobs in their field earlier time. after spending a lot of time in learning process they learn step by step and so on.some times high level player also acting like a CHOOB. its a slak of noobs

The world is awsome place

in this world their are also many peoples who don’t treat people as noobs (i mean stupid) if bad exist in the world good is also exist. they advice us how to learn from our mistakes and always try to do something better. they treat us like their juniors not as noobs. when these type of people we met we wanna share our feelings and thoughts with them in specific topic. they give there reviews about their thoughts and suggest what is missing in their.

A Big Thanks

so here I am so happy after finding these place where people treats nobs like their friend not as dumb ass. so thanks, all of you for being a friend.