Growing up, when it came to the things I liked, one of the best things was being able to touch someone like with a foot or shoulder massage, and I especially revelled in these moments whenever I had the chance, my roommates, my friends, and I loved the touch, helping to relax them and making them feel good. So I became a certified massage therapist for several years.

I had a client who was an elderly bachelor and he would always come to the clinic for a session an hour after his appointment at the massage parlour. He used to say, “I did my two-in-one today, from the erotic arts to the physical arts,” and I always got a kick out of that.

As I came into my 40s, I realized that I wasn’t getting younger, and so I took an interest in spicing up my life somehow and in meeting new people. I came across a book club in Montreal about all the kinds of sexual diversity and sex education for adults.

Sitting patiently, in this intellectual way, talking about such taboo subjects got me, well you know, a little antsy to say the least, and I started to find out about what was going on with the other similar curious individuals like me.

I started to explore my hedonistic side more and more as well as my bi side. I found myself playing in threesomes and foursomes, I took in the uninhibited environment of a couple of the sex clubs in Montreal, and I played and socialized in events and had some great times.

It was then that I met a pro Dom who said I’d be great as a dominatrix as I had already great teasing skill with people and I was a sexy muse in the videos we had been making together and so, she mentored me.

I couldn’t get enough of some of the aspects of being a dominatrix, especially the part of it where I got to dress up and work up my subs with incessant teasing. But I found as I went on, I was always stuck in the role of playing the strict, fully clothed Dom, and so I decided it was just not for me. I think they found me too soft on them and it was hard to play the mean character they were looking for. Plus, my need was physical more than anything, and I just got tired of always playing hard-to-get.

After a few months, I was wishing I could find a way to tweak my Dom role to be more sensual and attract those kinds of gents, and then the idea of being a companion came to me when I was answering a specific question in one of those life-hack books about what is it that you really really want to do.

It came as a flash into my brain- Why not try the escort world? I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, wtf, it’s already there for me! I did my research online as much as I could without talking to anyone in-the-know yet, until I finally decided to run it by a play partner, she had more experience than I, and I thought she might somehow be in-the-know.

She said, “I have been a companion for 20 years! I was afraid you’d judge me for it, but I’m so glad you brought it up. I can give you tons of tips” and so I continued on in the erotic arts.

Looking back on it all, I find that the longer I keep it up, the better it gets! I’m glad my life has led me to this.

Lots of love,




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Vicky Lopez

Vicky Lopez

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