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The ranking list of the 30 Best Startups includes tech product companies with Ukrainian roots. In an environment where the IT business is booming on a global scale, we have defined deciding criteria where at least one of the founders must have Ukrainian citizenship and work in Ukraine, or have the largest development center located in Ukraine.

As a result, Revolut, the British neobank whose co-founder is Nikolaev Vlad Yatsenko, didn’t enter the list. The founders live in London and there are no development teams in Ukraine. The most expensive…

Invalid traffic
Invalid traffic

Invalid traffic is siphoning money out of your User Acquisition (UA) budget as you may be paying for irrelevant or low-performing audiences.

Invalid traffic is any activity that doesn’t come from a properly targeted or genuine interested user, and we’ve recently seen a spike in different types of invalid traffic that are permeating UA funnels by combining different aspects of traffic like masked users, issues with campaign setup and targeting, or suspicious creatives.

In our latest post, our team goes in-depth about each of the different types of invalid traffic we’ve discovered so far along with real-life scenarios we’ve found…

Azur Games team
Azur Games team
Azur Team

Azur Games has a staff of 300+ talented people who are the masterminds behind some of the greatest titles in the mobile app ecosystem, including World War Heroes, Modern Strike Online, Jurassic Monster World, Pocket Troops, and Stack Ball, to name a few.

We had the pleasure of having a candid interview with Gulnaz Saitova, Head of User Acquisition (UA) at Azur Games, where she not only shared best practices and tricks of the trade that she employs in her day-to-day, but she also shared insights on the current state of the mobile app industry, what can be expected in…

With the holidays behind us, we’re proud to announce our new fraud detection service called DeepView.

Designed to help ad techs like DSPs, SSPs, and Ad Exchanges, DeepViewTM is an AI-powered detection service that analyzes millions upon millions of data points to detect even the slightest anomaly in CTV, Desktop, and Mobile traffic, user behavior, and identify patterns that signal fraud.

“Scalarr is primarily known as the most data-driven and accurate anti-fraud solution for mobile end advertisers. Very often, we observed how traffic providers struggle with continuous rejects coming from their clients. That led us to investigate why ad tech…


New device farm in town

Another day, another fraud.

With the holidays around the corner, you’d think fraudsters would take maybe a day or a week off. Instead, they are powering through, finding new ways to defraud the advertising industry with every chance they get.

Scalarr’s Analytics and Mobile Security teams discovered a new click farm operation consisting of two small and primitive mobile games that don’t have a large audience, yet they generate tons of impressions and clicks.

These apps share a common ID and publisher named Pitsos, which in some Eastern European languages may be translated as “Undersucker.” It’s only fitting that the…


2020 is a year for the books. Crazy, harrowing, and unprecedented, to say the least.

Thus, advertisers are adjusting, adapting, and reimagining the way they approach ad campaigns. With enough to deal with already, Apple threw a curveball to advertisers in June of this year when more strict privacy rules were announced, with some even calling these rules more impactful than CCPA or GDPR.

Just last month, Apple announced that the release of the IDFA privacy rule was going to be slightly postponed, giving developers more time to “prepare for this feature rolling out to users by the end of…

On Monday, June 22, Apple hosted the highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference — an annual affair where the company shares software updates for iPhones, Macs, and Apple TVs.

This year, the virtual conference came with a shocking twist of events for mobile advertisers. The Identifier for Advertisers, or IDFA for short, is Apple’s key mobile advertising tool that will now hold more stringent privacy requirements, making it harder for mobile marketers to take advantage of in-app advertising.

With the new privacy updates for iOS 14, IDFA is now an opt-in feature, meaning that app developers have to actively request consent…

Two months ago, we started interviewing User Acquisition (UA) Managers among our clients as well as top app developers, all with the hopes of getting a better understanding of the UA market. And let me tell you, there are a lot of mixed opinions about what’s going on and where the market is headed.

Here are some of the trendiest topics that were discussed: (i) having your DSP, or at least a Machine Learning (ML) Bidder; (ii) D7 ROAS as a central KPI to optimize UA campaigns; (iii) fraud; (iv) attribution; (v) and the overall role of Machine Learning.


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