PlayKey — Decetralized Cloud Gaming Platform

If you are a PC gamer, you must be interested in joining any of the PC gaming communities. Unfortunately, PC gamers will have to spend a massive amount of money in order to build a gaming PC. It can cost thousands of dollars. However, PlayKey has the ability to keep those PC gamers away from hassle and frustration. It brings cloud gaming to the lives of PC gamers to help them engage with favorite PC games without having a high end gaming computer.

What exactly is PlayKey?

PlayKey can simply be defined as a cloud gaming platform. It can provide opportunity for all people with low end personal computers to play high end games. This is facilitated through a video game streaming service. Hence, you just need to be equipped with a high speed internet connection and all the new games can be played at the comfort of home.

PlayKey is the result of four years of hard work. In fact, the developers have been working so hard throughout the past four years in order to develop this unique gaming technology. When PlayKey was released, it quickly became popular among people due to the same reason. As a result, more than one million games from every corner of the world are currently using PlayKey per month. The popularity and user base of PlayKey is increasing on a daily basis as well.

How does PlayKey work?

The overall functionality offered by PlayKey is based on the Nvidia Grid severs. These servers are located around the world as well. Moscow, Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt are to name few locations where the servers are available. Out of these locations, majority of servers are centered on Amsterdam. These servers are powerful enough to run all the latest games. The game would run on the server and end player will be provided with the ability to take part in it via a video streaming service. It is even possible for the users to log in from their own Steam accounts and access the Steam library on the server. If a game is purchased from Steam, it would be available in the Nvidia server as well. Hence, it can be considered as the most convenient option available for the individuals to take part in PC games.

If you do a simple research on the internet, you will be able to find many other companies that offer a similar service to PlayKey. However, PlayKey differs from all of them. That’s mainly because PlayKey has optimized the server runtime. This has helped them to reduce the operational costs. This cost benefit has been offered to you directly. Hence, you just need to go ahead and experience it. PlayKey has the ability to run more than 20 different gaming sessions at a time, within a single server. Players will never have to experience any performance issues. Therefore, we can conclude that PlayKey has taken video game streaming to a whole new level.

PlayKey ICO

The primary objective of PlayKey is to develop a platform for cloud gaming. They wanted to keep Blockchain technology as the basis of it. That’s mainly because the developers wanted to get the most benefits associated with Blockchain technology. Their efforts became successful with PlayKey. The popularity of this video game streaming service bears testimonials to prove the above mentioned fact.

The main PlayKey ICO started on the first week of November. It would run all the way till 30th of November. In the meantime, presale has started as well. All people who invest on presale would be provided with the opportunity to earn amazing discounts up to 35%.

Final Words

Gaming services are gradually reaping the benefits of cloud and Blockchain technology. PlayKey can be considered as a massive step taken towards this. The concept would further be developed in the future. As a result, computer gamers will be able to take part in the latest games without spending a fortune.


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