10 things you need

to know

when visiting Thailand

Caution: Bumpy road ahead.

1. The perfect photo

To get the perfect shot you have to hustle through the hoards of tourists or get up really early in the morning to avoid them, but even getting up early does not guarantee you an empty beach because you are not the only one with that idea.

2. Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand is not cheap, it used to be a lot cheaper but nowadays with the super evaluated baht currency you will pay up to 30% more than 1 year ago. It might be a temporary thing, but we’ll see how it goes, right now it doesn’t look pretty.

3. On every corner there’s a thai that wants to rip you off

If you are a tourist it means you have a lot of money to throw away, right?WRONG. Avoid people who are trying to help you, even the ones who seem really nice and friendly. Authentic friendly thais are hard to find.

4. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, transport will cost you a lot

In Bangkok transport doesn’t cost much, even taxis have decent prices. In Phuket and Koh Samui the cost of transport has skyrocketed, is way overpriced, and it’s all because of the taxi mafia. You are better off getting a bike, but be careful on the road, it can get dangerous.

5. Bargaining for everything can ruin the experience

Everyone says that bargaining is really fun here in Thailand, yeah that’s true, if you know how to bargain you can get stuff at really good prices. But try bargaining for a ride (tuk-tuk, mini-bus, taxi) a month or two and you’ll get sick of people trying to rip you off. And they can get very stubborn to the point where they laugh at you because you want to have a ride for a normal price. In the end it’s your money and you worked for it, they are just thieves trying to make a living and take advantage of you, don’t play the game by giving them easy money, or things will never change.

6. Thais trying to sell you stuff can get really exhausting

Everyone is trying to sell you stuff, on every corner of every street there’s a thai that wants your money. It can get very exhausting after a while, they don’t have a mute button that’s for sure.

7. The “My Island” dilemma

Forget about that scenery from “The Beach” movie where you are all by yourself, there’s no such thing, there are no more “hidden” beaches, tourists are everywhere, and I don’t give a fuck because I’m a tourist also. I don’t understand why people complain about other tourists, it’s like running away from yourself, you are also a tourist you freakin hypocrite.

8. Sidewalks are inexistent

Forget about sidewalks in Thailand, they are almost inexistent, everyone has a bike or a car, and if you’re not careful you might get run over.

9. Minivan drivers are crazy

This is available for most of the drivers here in Thailand. Getting around Bangkok area in a minivan and making it out alive is a matter of luck.

10. Thais don’t speak English

Yup, if you happen to run into a Thai that knows English you better take a picture with him or something, because this is a rare thing. Trying to get help from one is an experience, be ready to get creative. TIP: you have better luck if you talk to the younger ones.

Thailand can still surprise you

In the end, after all the good and the bad, Thailand will surprise you with its beauty, its fairytale vistas. At the same time if you go a little off the beaten touristic paths, you will find the real authentic thai people, the good people.

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