Vlad Rigenco on How to Get Involved in Charity Organizations In The GTA

Vlad Rigenco
Aug 22, 2019 · 4 min read

All of us have a moral duty to ourselves on how we can help the society around us or even the environment. We often get so submerged in our 9 to 5 busy lives we forget to give back. For some businesses giving charity is an act of sponsorship, an ethical duty in society; something that must be done. For others it is about morality, an inner quest to help those in need. Vlad Rigenco believes it is important to get involved in our local charities because working together to help each other out always allows us to achieve more. He strongly believes that every contribution helps even the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference. There are multiple ways individuals can get involved: giving blood, volunteering time at homeless centers, taking part in charity runs, donating money, donating clothes and items etc.

According to Vladimir Rigenco, individuals should first search their local area and conduct some research to distinguish what matters to you. Before getting involved in any charitable organization, individuals should first look around in their town, city or region. It is also important to conduct some research to see whether they are reliable, responsible, open, and honest. Lastly, check whether they speak to you and your interests so you could choose the right non-profit organization that can relate to you and your business.

For businesses, charities should be able to connect with your business motto and the interest of your employees. Corporate Responsibility is no longer a nice-thing-to-do but has become an essential policy for many companies. People want to know more about the companies with whom they do business. When companies support social or environmental issues, consumer affinity increases. Consequently, Vlad Rigenco believes that a company or brands status is exemplified when they partner with charitable organizations. It allows individuals to create loyalty and trust and meaningful ways to create a positive image of the company. In the GTA alone there are many reputable charitable organizations. Here are three well-known, reputable organizations:

  1. Habitat for Humanity: One of the most famous organizations in the GTA and over the world with operations in around 70 different countries. Habitat for Humanity was established in 1988 in the GTA and has three main branches-Toronto, Brampton/Caledon, and York Region. Their core values revolve around providing a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. Vlad Rigenco; a reputable real estate agent believes that more people should get involved with this organization as it is important to provide those who are less fortunate with safe homes, and stability so they too can have self-reliance through affordable home ownership. Individuals can get involved by making one time or monthly donations, these can be of monetary value, appreciated stocks or even physical properties. Habitat for Humanity also offers individuals and companies to donate their time in the construction of the homes.
  2. Canadian Red Cross: Another famous charitable organization that operates in the GTA, the Canadian Red Cross offers an extensive network of programs and services that actively reach out and serve local communities. Popular programs and services include community housing, community support, emergency and disaster, first aid & CPR, and migrant and refugee services. One of their well-known programs includes blood drives. Many organizations hold blood drives at the workplace to involve employees and create a sense of inclusion and promote good ethical behavior. Vlad Rigenco appeals individuals to search up the nearest programs happening in their area and to volunteer. Not only will you be helping others, but also these programs teach you valuable skills. The Red Cross teaches Canadians to swim, promote healthy relationships and non-violence, advocate on humanitarian issues and support communities in need.
  1. The SickKids Foundation: Children are the future and healthier children make a better world; this is the underlying core value of the SickKids Foundation. This foundation solely believes that one the most powerful way of improving society is to fight for the health and wellbeing of children. SickKids is known to hold multiple events and fundraisers to raise awareness and for the collection of donations. They offer a variety of ways to get involved including donations in the form of money, goods or services and in honor/memory of someone special. Moreover, many corporate companies have corporate partnerships with the SickKids Foundation.

Whichever charity people choose to get involved in, Vladimir Rigenco notes that it is essential to remember the root cause of why you are getting involved and donating. Even the smallest contribution today can have an impact in a major way on others who are less fortunate.

Vlad Rigenco

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Entrepreneur, business owner, Founder of Dood Inc.

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