What is packaging? Today it is not only the protection of the product, but something more…

Packaging is the face of the brand. A great product needs a top packaging design to help it stand out. Prior to designing the package, attention should be focused on the product itself by anticipating end user wants and needs.

Packaging design is a brand communication tool. It is very important that all the packaging elements produce the right impression and work effectively for the benefit of the brand. Effective packaging design can significantly improve the brand’s competitiveness, significantly reduce advertising costs and even bring the product to a new level.

The correct design of the package facilitates the transportation of products.
Perfect packaging design can help the user to use the product as conveniently as possible.

When developing the design of packaging it is very important to take into account that it is the packaging that primarily affects the perception of the product by the buyer. The packaging of the product is now a marketing tool, the main purpose of which is to increase sales and create maximum value for the business. Packaging should attract the buyer.

The choice of color is of particular importance for the design of the package. The color of the package is important, it affects the user and attracts his attention. When choosing a color, you also need to pay attention to the brightness, shine, color shade. How to create a unique packaging? I think we need to look at the latest trends.

I think you saw articles about trends in 2018 and trends in packaging design. I would like to share with you the main trends and show some examples.

1 Simplicity. One of the most important rules is to avoid congestion. Minimalist design has been around for some time now and it’s not going anywhere soon. Although it can come across as somewhat abstract and primitive, but simple packaging will be more understandable and accessible. Minimizing the elements used in a package design can elevate a product. Clean, simple and comfortable.

2 Use of different color shades. These easy shades remind us that color is light and light is energy. You can use the soft or bright colors. Colors evoke emotions and affect purchasing decisions. So the color is important in the creation of packaging. The trend of this year is сolor transitions and vibrant gradients and holographic effects. Holographs can give plastic or paper a non-tarnishing metallic effect that brings brightness to any composition.

3 Creative typography. Big words — if you’re looking to send a clear and loud message about what your product is all about, then big words might be what you’re looking for. Cropped Typography — the art of erasing parts of the letters while still keeping their readability. Chaotic Typography — chaotic position of letters or words.

4 Metallic elements or metallic fonts. Golden or silver elements will look great on the packaging. This will add style and luxury to your packaging.

5 Artistic illustrations. Custom hand-drawn illustrations are always on the wave of popularity and also illustrations over photos is combining photos with digital drawing. Packing with the illustration will be unique.

6 Negative space — a positive trend. White space, also known as “negative space”, can sometimes be looked at as just empty or blank space, but it is not so! When used well, white space can help balance out your design, declutter it and help it breathe.

7 Naturalness. Eco is one of the main trends of the last few years. Natural materials, kraft and other textures are great for packaging. Also it should be pleasant to the touch. Naturalness and ecological compatibility in the design of packaging can also be reflected through the use of natural textures. Some packages use recycled paper, linen cloth and wood.

In the design of packaging, the best are recognized projects that embody the image of the brand and fully meet the needs of their target audience, which have become beloved and in demand, thus representing something more than just the best. It’s fashionable, relevant, innovative.

Packaging should always be done in the style of the company, so when you create a package, you must analyze the brand. I think this is very important. And some trends will help you create a unique packaging. I want every package to be an art created with talent and imagination.

Thank you for watching!