How and Why to Create a Sleep Ritual

Sleep ritual seems like a useful approach for anyone, especially for busy people.

My ideal ritual includes: no coffee, no alcohol, reviewing results for today, a prepared to-do list for tomorrow, fiction book, shower, no screen time for 1 hour, switched off phone, no gadgets, silence, darkness, shuttered curtains, glass of water, alarm set for 5am.

Checking email, reading industry articles, playing video games and thinking through today’s problems are the things that ruin my peace of mind and sleeping time.

Another good point might be to have a checklist of these steps and mark them every day to see how it worked for you in retrospective. There’s an Android app “Regularly” which helps me to track routine and ritual tasks.

Also fitness bands (like Xiaomi band) can be helpful by gently wake you up at the time you are likely to be rested. Its app can give a retrospective overview of time you fall asleep and wake up.

I hope these ideas will be helpful.