My two cents worth on 2 broke girls

Watching foreign shows like those drama series, romantic comedies, suspense horrors etc.., are my least favorite things when I slouch on the couch before my smart devices or TV while having potato chips to chew on. - Not because shows outside the local shore are overrated or too broad to comprehend due to cultural differences between Asia (where I currently dwelling on) and Western, but because they are too good to be true that make my mind pops up out of my head .

American shows are amazingly great to the point that I chickened out to take a sneak peek and would rather go over with the local shows in escape from its extremely predominant contents. Nevertheless, My strong disbelief and overwhelming perspective about foreign shows have changed drastically when I stumbled upon the incredible story of these two girls who possess unparalleled personalities.

At first, I had this weird hesitation to watch the show because I knew that it would only give me nothing but waste-of-my-time kind of series when I hit the play button on YouTube. To give it a benefit of the doubt, I’ve tried to see one episode thinking that my estimation of the show was too underrated.

Right after I watched it, my hesitation went down to drain, because I found myself glued on the screen while being entertained by the comical portrayal of each character. Undeniably, my admiration for the show was caught off guard. The comedy series really hooked me up to the point that I played more videos consistently and even subscribed to its channel online.

The characters are perfectly portrayed well and it persuades me to watch the show ever so often. The comedy series, I could say, without a doubt, is 100 percent hilarious. It gives me my daily dose of pure comedy I engulf on from breakfast to wee hour of the day in which, for some reasons, helps me a lot in dealing with stress that I get from my random undertakings. It is absolutely incomparable with others shows in U.S that cater the same amount of laugh-out-loud contents.

The way how the story goes is actually makes putting the remote control down so irresistible especially when the new episode gets started to premiere on free online channel or on TV. Because, again it’s funny. Furthermore, it makes me realize that missing at least its single episode, is somehow considered, an immortal sin for a die-hard viewer like me.

Having said all the sitcom's praises and good impressions, Two Broke Girls wins over my heart not only for a fact that it has the most chucklesome storyline but it also helps me change my preference of choosing what best show to watch out for. In other words, it sets higher standard of sheer entertainment for TV shows which is totally awesome. I felt in love with how eccentric the characters of both Caroline Channing and Max Black are from the first time I came across them. They are the only protagonists in one totally fun-filled show under comedy category who you'd certainly feel head over heel in love with.

To give you some heads up, the story is basically about the two penniless ladies (hence, the title) who originated from two completely opposite sides of the world and strangely, their personalities had clicked on in the way that nobody could ever imagine.

The show is spearheaded by Caroline, a blond lady like daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman who happened to get involved in the bigtime ponzi scheme which is why all their assets and properties were gone off frozen. The said scandal made her homeless and broke in despair. She also forced herself to work in a low-end diner located at the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn New York owned by Korean restaurateur Han. She eventually left the luxurious life she used to live with after she lost her inheritance.

Another character who makes me love the show even more is Max Black, the funniest of the two, a brunette girl who is a poverty-stricken since time immemorial because she was neglected by her parents at the very young age. She is outspoken, streets- smart and she grew up without even knowing who her father was. Her humorous personality and way of executing her punchlines through out the entire seasons gets my laughter sounded ever so loudly. In fact, My laughter’s decibel levels have gone berserk everytime Max delivers her joke or throws insultingly funny lines at her little child-like boss Han . She is incredibly a laughing stock of the show.

The two are venturing out into a cupcake business to sustain their way of living as broke. But it seems like their success in business is kinda blurred for a while. Additionally, The Wikipedia entry of the Two Broke Girls reads:

"2 broke girls is an American television sitcom created for Warner Bros. Television by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings. It premiered in the United States on CBS in September 2011 Set in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn New York City, the show's plot follows the lives of roommates Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) whereas Caroline was raised as a daughter of a multimillionaire. Max grew up in poverty, resulting in differing perspectives on life, although together they work together in a local diner while attempting to raise funds to start the cupcake business."

"So when you feel like you are in a mood for comedy or in dire need of some kind of reliever to help you deal with the worst day of your life, I highly suggest that you give Two Broke Girls a try and I assure you that you won’t be sorry once you’ve met Caroline and Max for the first time . You’ll certainly feel the same euphoric feeling that I felt when I first met them on screen .”

Needless to say , I ironically always run out of the right word to describe how excited I am every time Two Broke Girls premieres its latest season because it's definitely worth the wait .

As a self-proclaimed fanatic, I always make it a point to catch each episode because it feels like I'm dying out of frustration every time I failed to watch at least one season or two. I couldn't hide the reality of liking it and I don't see any reason to feel shameful when I say I am a fan of this sought after comedy show. Who can say no to its effortless flair of comedy plus two bubbly girls rolled into one.

Dare I say that nobody in this damn world can ever stop me from desiring this kind of superb comedic master piece. It is the sort of entertainment that gives me no second thought in recommending to a depressed friend or broken-hearted lovers because it has somehow healing power that will give drug stores a run for their money.

So when you feel like you are in a mood for comedy or in dire need of some kind of reliever to deal with the worst day of your life, I highly suggest that you give Two Broke Girls a try and I assure you that you won't be sorry once you've met Caroline and Max for the first time . You'll certainly feel the same euphoric feeling that I felt when I first met them on screen.

Aside from its free online channel, it can also be viewed on local channel via ETC in scheduled time slots.




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