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May 5: Chanel No. 5, One Month Graph Challenge

Vlad Batushkov
May 5 · 2 min read

Welcome word

In this series of small posts I do one simple graph daily. Domain model of graph somehow related to day’s history, some historical event, celebration or person. I do this challenge to learn Neo4j Data Modeling and Cypher. Every day. One month. Follow me. Maybe you will be inspired and next month would be yours One Month Graph Challenge. #OMGChallenge

Domain model

I still thinking about Star Wars, but already need to switch to next topic. I found interesting, that in Paris, at fifth of May 1921 world-famous couturie Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel launched her first perfume. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was her bestseller CHANEL №5. I think, one of the top known perfume in the world. Today I plan to build a super small graph about perfume: Brand and Products.


I discover few online perfume shops and stop on one of them. My main criterias used to pick website are: simple routing and easy to parse.

We need some brand. Let’s grab them first:

Now, let’s add some products:

Only brands starts from “4”, “I” or “O”. Just change letters to grab more products. Grab all in once is really too long process to call.

Vlad Batushkov

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Indie view on software development. Brewed with hops, web and rock’n’roll.

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