Childfree Is A Legitimate Choice
The Nib

I absolutely agree with the title. This choice is and must be legitimate. I believe we should never judge others. It’s their decisions, lives and ideology.


Child… free… It’s like having kids is something similar to being imprisoned, enslaved, doomed or subdued... something really bad. This is utterly disgusting to call yourself like that.

Such articles encourage those who want to live easy lives without kids, families and responsibilities to justify themselves. These people are even proud to be “child free”, telling everyone how wonderful it is to not be obligated, to not care. I’d rather call them “child-less”, careless, “don’t give a damn -less”, whatever.

Biologically it’s normal to have or want to have kids some day. This is our core instinct. If you can but want to never have kids, you’re just a coward. The only child you’ll ever love is your ego, and unlike kids it will never love you back. Please don’t call it intolerance or harassment or whatever is trendy now. Don’t twist it.

Parents know how wonderful it is to be mommy or daddy no matter what. Life is tough, so don’t run from the challenge and be brave enough to embrace yourself and take it on.

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