What Makes A Great Executive Assistant?

I’m hiring :-)

Yes we’re doing a lot of hiring, we’re always hiring, but that’s besides the point.

I’m going to be hiring an executive assistant, this is the post where I explore what makes an awesome one!

Why Hire An Executive Assistant?

I hear you saying.

I actually had a big mentor CEO who was proud for a while that he didn’t have an assistant. Well really, it’s the same logic for hiring a driver or a cook or a maid, etc RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

If you value your time at say $15 an hour, then hiring an executive assistant makes no sense.


If we value (your company should at least make some recurring revenue) your time at $60 an hour and you can pay someone $15 to follow you around, take notes and make sure your company gets more organized, all the minor tasks that distract you get taken care of, they keep you focused, they help you get your primary goal accomplished…THEN!…

Boom your executive assistant work is gonna be taken care of.

So lets draw out this avatar that I’m gonna hire for myself shall we?

Every business is different so your assistant hire may be different.

  • Note even though my partners call it an executive assistant…At this stage in the biz (team size is about 20 with mostly contractors) she or he is not really an executive assistant. I’d say the Small Business Administration (SBA) considers small businesses between 50 and 1500 people.
  • Most likely I’m looking for an admin assistant (I was wrong after looking at Payscale)

What Will The Assistant Do?

Starts at the beginning here. Most of the time they’ll

  1. Follow me around taking notes for me
  2. Add those notes in appropriate folders as well as organize any of my notes
  3. Take any action items asked by me
  4. Be my “right hand” in terms of getting minor tasks done
  5. Shadow throughout the day to ensure I finish my tasks faster accomplishing the more simple ones during down time

Send me virtual coffee ;) I don’t drink coffee, but had to throw out a Covid joke with the times.

What Will I Do For Them?

  1. Meet with them 30 minutes a week to insure they’re growing and happy
  2. Give them book assignments to read/weekly to grow them as a leader
  3. Train them for company roles (I think all assistants should grow in 1 to 2 years out of that role and into a better one)
  4. Pay them
  5. Help them start their own business years down the line (I think this should be standard practice at every company)

What Would Make Them The Best?

  1. They have our cultural values
  2. They have super fast internet
  3. They ask great questions and teach me (a trait in all superstars)
  4. They’re curious for knowledge and have read books consistently/are doing it
  5. They have a super organized personality (Gonna have them take a personality test)
  6. They have an insatiable hunger to improve and grow faster than average. Very rare among most people…
  7. They call me out on any errors (I might even put one on the job post ;) )

How Will I Hire Them?

  1. Ask for referrals
  2. Job posts (with a spelling error)
  3. Get them to take a personality test
  4. Ask questions (I should have some of these already)

So there we go! I know it’s not perfect…I feel like I’m missing some steps, but I can give this to my partners and they’ll probably suggest what else the assistant would need to have.

I’ve written down all my daily activities so hopefully the assistant will take some of these off my plate.

Another, day another post, cheers guys.

I ask 1 big question and write about the answer everyday, then I implement it. I do this to both move my business forward and give value to others :-)