How Inflation Works

True Story:

My client was Happy! They gave me 5 stars even.

Too much business Vlad!!! We gotta stop the marketing campaign!

Me: Why not raise your rates?

Client: We’re good, my families happy, we only have 2 slots open.

Me in my head: If you raise your rates by 10% you…

Hey guys,

*Note I took a few days off since my partners wanted me to move my writings to the main website: (it is what I’m blogging about anyways).

So we’re growing and I just experienced my second time onboarding a sales person!

As anything we’re trying to do…

Traditional companies “hire slow and fire fast”, but a startup hires and fires fast. As a mentor mine put startup growth is a mindset, not a specific type of company.

With what’s going on at our company I am continually exploring this topic, no book on how to hire quickly…

I’m hiring :-)

Yes we’re doing a lot of hiring, we’re always hiring, but that’s besides the point.

I’m going to be hiring an executive assistant, this is the post where I explore what makes an awesome one!

Why Hire An Executive Assistant?

I hear you saying.

I actually had a big mentor CEO who…

As we hire salespeople we’ll need to make sure we can walk them through our sales process.

The easiest way to walk them through is so have the real thing recorded for them.

I need to record 10 calls, so what would that system look like?

  1. Make sure every call…

This is a true challenge.

Yesterday I noticed a lead I had to follow up with and I didn’t! I MISSED THIS LEAD and sales is ALL about timing. :-)

Now most efficient is different for everyone. What’s most efficient for you? What makes one lead more important than another?

I know recently I published a post on how to attract more hires, but I figured there’s a lot more than my previous answer and had some more ideas to add that I will talk to my team about exploring.

Here are 5 more:

1. Creating a Sales Referral Structure

If you give new sales hires…

As we grow my team hires more and more.

The key thing to making a great company now that we can’t do everything and can afford to hire more people is ask “How do we attract top talent?”.

With that in mind here are my thoughts. *Note: The only difference…

So right now our closing rate at is about 1/3 deals.

I wanna increase that. Can we get to 1/2?

How do we increase our closing rate?

Here are my answers:

1) Start Reviewing These Numbers Regularly

The Bad News:

Today we don’t go over sales numbers nearly enough. We should build out a calculator.

I have had some success going door to door, but I’m definitely not a guru. My partner and I did it a few times. Some of the sales people we hire may want to go door to door. So here’s a plan I’ve put together:

Step 1: Keep Metrics


Vlad Mkrtumyan

I ask 1 big question and write about the answer everyday, then I implement it. I do this to both move my business forward and give value to others :-)

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