Full-time job and study — manageable or not?

Entering a college, you start understanding you’re not a mommy’s little puppy anymore. You’ve got your own responsibilities from now on, and, in ideal, it would be nice if you found a job. Seems amazing, isn’t it? Own money to spend, adulthood and stuff, but is it really so cool? A mixture of full-time job and study is extremely dangerous, in the sense that you might sacrifice one or another after some time, or, which is even more terrifying, you might sacrifice your health. 
So is it possible to mix full-time job and college study? Sure. There’re lots of people, who managed to succeed in both. And they have prepared some tips for you.

  1. Psychological Support
    Many people think it’s unnecessary, saying that human mind has nothing to do with the job. Actually, the truth is the opposite. If you’re afraid you won’t make it, support from your “team” is necessary. Make sure you have people, who can tell you you’ll succeed anytime it’s necessary.
  2. Flexible Job
    A great manager or director is half a success! Try to find a flexible job that will be in harmony with your college schedule. By solving this issue, you’ll be all set in terms of time. Also make sure to talk to your boss about time offs during the exams and other important events.
  3. ”Manage” Time Managing
    Time managing is an extremely useful tool. Try to get used to the schedule you created, don’t procrastinate a lot, and don’t waste your time. People spend so much time doing actually nothing — not having a rest or recharging, but just wasting time. Think it over and you’ll get plenty of free time. Your time is golden. Sometimes it is much better to use some cheap essay writer service and save time for something that really matters.
  4. Remember The Reason
    Everybody has a dream or a goal. If you’re having hard time concentrating or want to stop all this forever, remember that this is stress talking, and also recall, why did you start what you’re doing now. This is connected to the first tip, but you’re responsible for it, not your support team.

There’re lots of other points to consider, but you’re only starting, so this must help. Now, choose a school and a job to suit your needs, create your own schedule and welcome to the adulthood!

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