Great piece, I agree with most of what is said.
Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper, I fully agree with you.

Saying more, swarm organizational map looks to me like 3-tier turned 90 degrees left, plus T2 and T3 people sometimes taking a look at a ticket queue assigned to T1. Yes, there will be a queue, because request should be analyzed, then recorded and then resolved.

The thesis of “getting most valuable people to a front line” is implemented in some organizations already: instead of calling Service Desk clients walk to Service Manager, because s-he always knows what to do. If shortening resolution or delivery time is the the main goal for IT organization, everything is right. VIP support works exactly like this.

Problem of a “Lonely Hero” grows from lack of organizational processes, not from weakness of a 3 tier organization itself. If ticket ends up to T3 team queue, this already means that there is a some kind of process. If T3 wants to do less firefighting (who doesn’t?), they need to work with KB and Problem management. This is T3 way of shortening resolution time, not taking everything to themselves, because they are most capable.

Problem of silo and “getting the problem over the fence” is again in wrong organizational and contractual management, not in 3 tier organization model.

And of course, comparing badly working 3 tier organization to ideally working swarm organization has a methodological problem called “straw man”.

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