Social Online Regulator

  • Have you ever been tired of minutes loss instead of seconds on social websites?
  • Is face too easy to type for switching from your current activity to Facebook?
  • Does the infinite scroll concept to keep your attention for the click bait online succeeded?

I just found an answer to those three questions by doing a browser extension…

Set a timeout to your primal behavior online

The Social Killer extension provides a way to set a timeout for all websites you would like to half-ban from your attention:

  • By default, the navigation to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be detected by the extension and if you’re staying more than 20 seconds, the tab displaying those websites will close automatically.
  • You can define the timeout in options.
  • You can activate/deactivate the extension
  • If you switch before the timeout, your tab won’t be killed rewarding you for your awareness!

The extension itself

Here is the extension

Here is the repository:

Two small topics encountered:

  • The possibility (even small) to mutualise your scripts thanks to the manifest:
"background": {
"persistent": true,
"scripts": ["global.js", "background.js"]

Respect the order to be able to get the global script within your background one. And if you want to use the global or the background variables/functions inside your popup script, you can use the following API:


  • There is new way of opening your options pane by using the last API:

chrome.tabs.create({ 'url': 'chrome://extensions/?options=' + });

At last of course, you could avoid going on social networks in general but I’ve never succeeded!