Ich habe mich in den letzten zehn bis zwölf Monaten nur sporadisch mit dem Thema Kryptowährungen beschäftigt. Dennoch habe ich im Hintergrund immer wieder mitbekommen, dass die Macher von Coinbase fleißig an dem Marktplatz bzw. der Handelsbörse arbeiten. Wenn ich so die Blogmeldungen als auch die Tweets aus meiner Timeline richtig deute, denn erfreut sich Coinbase einer hohen Beliebtheit.

Hier meine Gedanken warum das so ist.

Kontinuierlicher Ausbau an unterstützten Kryptowährungen

Als ich heute nach einer längeren Zeit in die Oberfläche der Börse reinschaute, staunte ich nicht schlecht über den Umfang der Kryptowährungen mit denen gehandelt werden kann. Angefangen hat das damals, ich habe schon…

Images are important, even on the web. Everyone who is active in this segment knows that.

Picture credits: Autumn motif, CC0, Pixabay

Be it that you manage your own projects or those of customers. The image material loosens up the postings, awakens emotions and may therefore increase the time spent on the website or the responsiveness of the reader: either when buying or subscribing to newsletters.

It must have become known by now, however, that you are not allowed to simply download any pictures and then embed them in your own weblog or on the website, because you can get legal problems faster than you would…

Bildnachweis: CC0, Pixabay

Es wird häufig der Eindruck erweckt als ob schon längst alles entschieden wurde. Gutenberg hat angeblich mehr oder weniger die Tatsachen vollendet und lediglich ein paar notorische Querköpfe, Ewiggestrige und handvoll Querulanten könnten sich mit Gutenberg nicht anfreunden. Alle anderen und somit die übergroße Mehrheit würde mit dem Blockeditor arbeiten.

Lassen wir bitte jetzt die pro und contra Diskussion bei Seite. Denn sogar ich selber finde an Gutenberg sowohl positives als negatives. Mir geht es um etwas anderes. Schauen wir uns ein paar Zahlen an um etwas mehr Licht in die ganze Sache zu bringen.

Download-Zahlen von WordPress 4.9 und 5.0

WordPress 4.9 wurde mehr als…

Using your own content again is frowned upon by many. Why this attitude should be reconsidered I explain in the following article.

Picture credits: CC0 image, pixabay, by klimkin

Recently on television 📺

A few months ago I saw a comedian and a politician zapping by in one of the countless talk shows. By chance I had seen the same politician at a speech and the same comedian at the broadcast of his show a couple days before.

Nothing special in itself. But special was what they had to say. The two had taken over their words simply 1:1 into the talk show. …

… And why it might be an option for you, too.

“Fear”, CC0, Pixabay

Have you ever heard or read one of the following sentences in the news?

  • “Today is an extraordinary day. The number of people who have died a violent death has reached a new low.
  • “today so few people have starved as not for xy years

It’s no wonder that you don’t hear or read such messages in the daily news. However, this is not because these two messages are not correct, but simply because such messages are not suitable for various news formats. …

We have had such an electronic healer against insect bites for over two years and I have to say: it was a very good investment.

Stab healer: 2 buttons for 3 and 6 seconds application time (51°C/123°F)

It not only helps against mosquito bites but also against bites from other insects such as (horse) brakes and also against wasp and bee bites.

Luckily I have never been stung by a wasp myself, but I know from some people that you can get something out of it for over a week.

A few weeks ago our children were stung three times by wasps within a few days. Even though they were sitting peacefully…

5 simple measures to increase the security of the WordPress installation and to minimize the risk of nasty surprises.

CC0, Pixabay

I am aware that safety is not a favourite topic for most people and is therefore often ignored. But you can’t push it to the side. The subject is simply too important to be ignored for a long time.

In order to motivate oneself to deal with the topic in more detail, one should see it a little like a bodybuilder.

Few people like warming up, even though it’s important. Everyone wants to get started with the weights right away. …

A few months ago I had to quickly convert some HTML documents and documents from Google Docs to Markdown. In the past I would have used Pandoc on my computer to convert the HTML documents for this. I would have saved the documents from Google Docs as LibreOffice and tried Pandoc again.

[Picture credits: CC0, Pixabay]

But Pandoc simply refused his service. Was it perhaps angry that I hadn’t called it for a long time? However, I needed a solution quickly.

Online tools

Fortunately, there are a few places on the web where you can convert HTML to Markdown. One is the Pandoc website. Here you…

Anyone who has worked as a self-employed person or entrepreneur for several years will be familiar with it.

A customer contacts you with a request. After a detailed discussion — sometimes several are necessary — you figure out what the customer needs, what the customer wants and what is appropriate for his/her project.

Based on these findings, a suitable offer is worked out, the effort for the individual steps is quantified and this offer is sent to the customer.

Picture credits: CC0-Picture, Pixabay

“Why does it cost so much?”

Sometimes it can happen that the customer asks why it costs so much? If you have calculated realistically and fairly, then…

When I write longer texts, I often do it in a real text or HTML editor and if it has to be Markdown, then I use a desktop program called MarkdownPad for Windows. There are also a number of desktop applications for Mac.

StackEdit in use

However, with StackEdit there is a web-based editor, which is free in the scope of the most important functions. This is interesting, for example, if you work on a chromebook or for whatever reason prefer web applications.

In the standard view, the screen is divided into two parts. On the left side you enter the content as…

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