5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Car’s Performance

There are many TV shows starring professionals tuning random cars to attain the best performance and awesome looks. At first look it all seems very complicated and time-consuming; not the sort of thing just anyone could do. Well, this might strike you as surprise but tuning your car is not as complex as you might think it is. There are some really simple adjustments and tune-ups that could boost your car performance and improve overall safety.

Here is a list of several easy ways to boost your vehicle’s performance.

Improve the Suspension

Most people think that performance is only related to the engine, since it is the part of the car that actually packs the power. After several engine tune-ups there is a great chance that you might not be satisfied with the time/money invested vs. the performance gained ratio. This is because people usually think that suspension kits are not that big of a deal.

A suspension system is an incredibly important part of your car, because it allows the car to run smoothly on the road. A good suspension kit improves a car’s stability by balancing its weight and the forces applied when you speed up or hit the brakes. This part of your vehicle deserves attention, especially if you enjoy high speed rides. It adds more control and ensures that your vehicle takes the load equally on all pressure points.

Check Your Tires

When was the last time you had the pressure in your tires checked? It is a fact that cars with underinflated tires are slower, have unpredictable handling on rainy days and are more likely to underperform than the ones with properly inflated tires. Underinflated tires also cause increased braking distance. Many tests show that underinflated tire footprint contact falls to a shocking 25% on wet surfaces. This is why regularly checking the pressure in your tires is of utmost importance.

Take Out the Trash

There is a common saying in the world of car lovers — add lightness. And you should really adopt this motto if you want to increase the performance of your car. All that weight contained in unnecessary items on you backseat and trunk affects your vehicle by increasing braking distance, messing with handling and decreasing mileage.

If you keep your car clear of unnecessary items, you will feel the change in handling dynamics. This way you will also spare you suspension system and breaks. It is much less expensive to rent a storage unit then to turn your car into one.

Replace the Air Filter and Spark Plugs

If you didn’t change you air filter regularly there is a great chance that the current one is literally choking your car’s engine. In the end, you might end up having some serious issues that negatively affect your car’s performance. Also, the spark plugs can become fouled, leading to an engine miss or a very rough idle mode.

If you see that light on the dashboard, the one that indicates you need to service your engine soon, it is a great opportunity for you to replace both the air filter and spark plugs. By taking care of this simple task you will gain better gas mileage and your car will have reduced emissions.

Take Care of Cars Exhaust

By investing in a proper exhaust system you will improve airflow and add some extra power to your vehicle. You will know that exhaust system is good if it can reduce air pollution, can be connected to a turbocharger to increase power and can be linked to a muffler, so that you can experience some noise reduction. The exhaust system is an important part of any car, as it ensures a smooth and relaxing ride.

Also, there are many countries that regularly monitor air and noise pollution. By opting to change this part of your ride, you will not only avoid getting immediately sent to a mechanic by the authorities, but you will also add more value to your vehicle should you decide to resell it.

As you can see these are not that pricey and time-consuming investments. If you use your car on a daily basis you want to be as responsible as you can. By improving the performance, you will also improve the safety of your vehicle. Should you feel like you want to explore more options, feel free to take your time exploring various experiences and advices found online.