Baby-Proof Your Home: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Safe

The arrival of a baby calls for quite a lot of responsibility and care. When your baby starts crawling, that is when you must be alert at all times in order to make sure that your child is safe, because young kids are curious and they want to touch and inspect every single thing they encounter.

In order to keep your baby safe and protect it from all the hazards lurking around your home, you need to make your home completely child-friendly. Babyproofing your home is the most important step you need to take even before your baby arrives, so that you can be fully prepared for the moment when your child starts exploring the world around them.

Here’s everything you should do to ensure safety and create a carefree environment in your home, so that your baby effectively avoids any potential accidents.

Inspect Your Home from Your Baby’s Point of View

The best way to baby-proof your home is to literally get down on your hands and knees and see how your crawling child sees everything around them. Are there any small objects that your child can put in their mouth? Are there any sharp edges of furniture that they can bump into and hurt themselves?

You need to make sure you put away everything that can be hazardous to your baby, such as coins, marbles, medicine, cleaning products, scissors, needles, and knives — anything dangerous that your child can get their hands on. Lock those away and make sure your furniture is padded, so that your child can freely crawl around and explore anything it wants.

Don’t forget about all the electrical outlets that almost every child desperately wants to touch. Make sure you get proper covers for those, and remember to safely cover all of the cords and wires that your child can reach as well.

Be Particularly Cautious with Drawers and Appliances

Not only can drawers contain various items that are dangerous to your child, but they can also easily transform into a ladder once your child discovers climbing. In order to keep your child safe, install latches on every drawer and cabinet, so that your child cannot open them.

Furthermore, make sure you baby-proof all of your kitchen appliances, as well as cover your stove, and place bigger and heavier items, such as your TV, on bottom shelves, so that they cannot fall and hurt your child.

If you have any shelves and dressers that can easily fall over, you need to make sure you secure them with bolts or screws that will keep them anchored to the wall. Also, if there are any floor lamps around your home, especially really high and large ones, you should keep them behind big pieces of furniture that your child can neither move nor go around.

Install Safety Gates

Safety gates are some of the most essential tools for babyproofing your home, so make sure you install them even before your baby starts crawling. With safety gates, you can be completely stress-free, because they will keep your child safe inside any designated room. More importantly, they can prevent your child from falling down the stairs, but you need to install a gate that is securely screwed to the wall.

Similarly to safety gates, you should get a baby fence, because it will enable you to freely go to the bathroom, check the cooking, answer the doorbell, and finish any task around your home without having to carry your child with you. What’s more, your baby will find it delightful, because you can create a fun play area inside the baby fence and fill it with your child’s favourite toys. That way, your baby will crawl around it and play, without even wanting to get out and follow you around the house.

Babyproofing your home and making it entirely child-friendly is one of the most crucial steps that you must take in order to keep your child safe and secure at all times. Of course, your own supervision can never be overstated, but babyproofing can really make a huge difference and help you turn your home into a safe haven where both you and your child can completely enjoy your time.

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