Start Exercising Immediately: 4 Things all Beginners Should Consider

In this busy world of ours, we find very little time to take care of our body. It’s not that we don’t find it important, but we simply think that there are other priorities. This way of thinking only leads to more stress and anxiety at work or at home. We’ve all made a firm decision to start exercising at one point or another, but we lacked the time to see it through, or so it seemed. The main reason for not exercising isn’t the lack of time but the lack of motivation. This is why all beginners should go over these important points to get excited about training.

1. Why should you start exercising?

It is a widely known fact that physical activity reduces the risk of numerous diseases and conditions, which is the main reason why a workout should be a part of your daily or weekly routine. If you turn exercising into a habit, you will significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure, improve blood circulation, lose weight and reduce stress. Not only will you feel better, but you will look better as well. Exercising can help you if you are experiencing pain in your legs, back, arms or any other part of your body.

As soon as you start exercising you’ll notice that perform better at work and that you are able to deal with stressful situations much better.

2. Motivation is the key

Don’t try to find another excuse, start today. Give yourself a reward after each week of regular training until it simply becomes your habit. In order to see the progress, take a picture of yourself on the first day, and then take one every couple of months for comparison. After each exercise you will feel better and ready to do more the next time. Start slowly and increase the intensity gradually. The first exercise you do should be an easy one that makes you feel good. If physical activity isn’t part of your daily routine it would be unrealistic to expect to run a full marathon or do 100 pushups straight away.

3. Don’t push yourself too hard

Depending on your lifestyle you need to choose the exercises carefully, especially if you haven’t been so physically active lately. As nothing can be achieved overnight, so you must be patient and consistent. There are three main parts of the workout — warm up, workout and cool down. The warm up and cooldown have the same purpose — to prepare your body for what’s coming next. It is important because it gets the blood flowing into your muscles, and it also prevents injuries during exercise. The Cooldown comes at the very end of the workout, and it prevents blood from pooling in your arms and legs. Both of these should last around 5 to 10 minutes.

Soon after you start working out regularly you’ll notice some serious improvements. You will feel much better, be less stressful, and you’ll wonder what kept you from exercising for so long. Start today, and your body will be healthier and your mind calmer.

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